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Quote from Prague newspaper says it all!
Valorius;44166 Wrote:Where's the link to where this is in the czech paper?

Unless there is a link to a DIRECT SOURCE, none of these anti Obama threads are worth a fuck.

If linked, could you read it?

Czech newspaper.

God bless!!

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Regardless of who wrote it, its absolute truth.

The country could be saved fairly quickly if at least 51% of the country worked hard and had some common sense...stopped listening to the media, and elected their own leader on their own decision rather than listening to the selective reporting of CNN.
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It's the same thing we've all said after 51% of the voters voted this fool and his henchmen back into office. Our problem is not just with BHO, it's with all those damn zombies that support him. Their worship and boot licking over everything he does is un-freaking-real. These people aren't rooted in reality.
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Pistol Packin Preacher;44108 Wrote:...
The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president."

The problem is that we, the USA, now have a 51% majority that is ideologically progressive/socialist. It had to come to that. It was inevitable. The socialists have owned our media for 50 years. They have indoctrinated our college students for 50 years. They have blamed every ill that this country has seen, on conservatism for 50 years. And, they've been creating social programs that ensnare, for 100 years.

Today, few leaders speak of true freedom. Most people under the age of 35 have little comprehension of freedom/liberty. Most have no understanding of individualism. They have been raised in the collective, and have been spoon fed by the village. Pride in achievement and motivation out of self-interest are non-existent when everyone gets a trophy for merely showing up.

The masses have been indoctrinated by the socialist machine. So far, it has been a "light" version of socialism, but it is socialism nonetheless. So let's not disguise it as "a multitude of fools" or any such nonsense. It is a majority of socialists, period. Unless one day, a sufficient number rejects the control of an authoritarian government and chooses individual freedom instead, there is no hope.

So, our focus must be on showing the indoctrinated, that they are not free people, and that they can have freedom if they are willing to fight for it.
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