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R.I.P John Noveske
John Noveske, who died Friday, January 4th 2013 in an automobile accident.
morpheus6d9, proud to be a member of since Oct 2012.
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With a beard like that, we were not ready for him. It is a shame. Great products, and a fantastic company.

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This will be the best security for maintaining our liberties. A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the religion of ignorance that tyranny begins. -Ben Franklin

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The law? The law is a human institution...
I read it today on Facebook. He was a great gun maker and an outspoken supporter of the 2A.

I read that he didn't have his seatbelt on. I wonder if it was in defiance of government. It's unfortunate if it was the case. He left behind a young family.

I encourage everyone to wear a seatbelt. Regardless of government intrusion with seatbelt laws, they do save lives. I saw plenty of people crushed under cars or launched like missiles that would have lived if they had remained in their seat. Wear one for the same reason you carry a gun. You may never need it but if you do, there are no do-overs.
He was the sort of person who stood on mountaintops during thunderstorms in wet copper armour shouting "All the Gods are bastards."
According to Sergeant Tyler Lee, on January 4, 2013 at approximately 9:13 p.m., a 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser driven by J, age 36, from Grants Pass, was westbound on Highway 260 near El Camino Way. As the vehicle negotiated a right curve, it traveled across the oncoming lane onto the dirt highway shoulder until it struck two large boulders. The vehicle rolled and NOVESKE was ejected.
Dave, proudly annoying members of since Sep 2012.
Wow. So sad to hear of this.
I'm only here for the 'Foxes with Firearms' thread.

If they take our guns, who will protect our children?


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