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Rand Paul - 2016
Rand is announcing his 2016 run for the Presidency... live event here:

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Now we can a real glimpse of how much NOT like his father he really is.

If he gets in, I really hope he's been bullshitting the GOP to get there.
He and Cruz are both likely to draw in some more of the Libertarian vote, and both already have establishment GOP smear campaign targets on their backs because those old nancies want Jeb Bush (D-Fl) on their ticket so they can continue business as usual.
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Can anybody give me a brief input on Rubio? Next week he is announcing his campaign.
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Philadelphia Patriot;164150 Wrote:Can anybody give me a brief input on Rubio? Next week he is announcing his campaign.

He's Cuban.

Hey... You wanted brief.
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Ten*K;164151 Wrote:
Philadelphia Patriot;164150 Wrote:Can anybody give me a brief input on Rubio? Next week he is announcing his campaign.

He's Cuban.

Hey... You wanted brief.

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I believe Cruz is a fake. I've never heard Cruz say something that wasn't the verbatim Tea Party line. Nobody agrees with any political party platform on every single issue I don't care who you are unless you are the one that created the party personally. the fact that he basically says he does tells me we aren't getting to see what Ted Cruz the man actually thinks, just his lip service to get votes. I think if Cruz actually got elected to would fold on every campaign promise he makes like Obama did telling people what they wanted to hear in order to be elected. I think Rand Paul is more of a genuine candidate and that is backed up by the fact that he doesn't always just tell people what they want to hear or what is popular. I don't think Rand Paul will win for this reason because more voters are idiots and will vote either the way their church or other people tell them to, or based on who tells them what they want to hear. At this stage in the game if I were to vote it would be for Rand most definitely. I vote for people not against other parties. I doubt Rand will win the R nomination, but if he doesn't I sincerely hope he bails on the Republicans finally and runs Libertarian, it would give them a huge amount more credibility than they have now and we might have a shot at removing the party of big gov't which encompasses both R and D alike.
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The liberal media machine is already constructing the campaign narrative and painting Rand as a misogynist patriarch in an effort to destroy him right out of the gate because he dared call out a nasty biased bitch out on her bullshit in an interview and not put up with it like Romney did. Savannah is just as much a vile and filthy creature as Jaba...I mean the biased liar Candy Crowley was during the last election cycle.

It's so fucking disgusting the way these LSM bastards operate. Megyn Kelly specifically ought to be ashamed for being a political tool for the democrats repeatedly lately. BTW read the way the foaming at the mouth leftists have already taken the bait hook, line and sinker. Look at the comments and see how fast they make the jump to identity politics and spread lies already!

This is my favorite of the commentators:

Quote:Charles 116 just now
Rand reminds me of that AYatollah

who couldn't deal with a mideast female host/interviewer

and was rude to her - and pretty much gave that as the reason


Yes, Rand is exactly like the Iranian Ayatollah Rolleyes No exaggeration there at all, birds of a feather...

I also like:

Quote:Chris Goodman • in 4 days
None of the current pool of republican candidates are so good in foreign policy nor domestic policy... Everyone cannot answer simple foreign policy question... All of them only knows to bash Obama 24/7 without giving their conviction of how to handle foreign policy.
So far, even the past republican presidents failed in foreign policy and they think that they are expert in that..
Obama came from nowhere and had become the best foreign policy president ever this country ever had, given the current situations abroad..
Obama has Biden... Biden has over 30 years of good and efficient foreign policy experience..

^ It takes a "special" (as in someone who needs a helmet to prevent further brain damage) kind of person to defend Biden and the administration's foreign policy together. Wow. The mideast is only on fire, our allies hate us, radical islam is spreading like wildfire, hillary was jet-setting while taking bribes from various countries through her non-profit, and the leader of Yemen has fled his country in fear for his life in the midst of a collapse. What's not to love? Shrug
The forum poster formerly known as Emoticon...

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