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Random thoughts about the election
Several thoughts,

If, IF Clinton wins, there will be a panic buy. However, Mr. trump did not get to where he is (in the business world) without having a lot of savvy people around him. Look for him to unleash the hounds and have them dig up everything, EVERYTHING that Clinton (and her husband) has either done, not done or has been behind. He will bring up her getting fired for unethical practices during Watergate, he will bring up Whitewater, and Bengazi, everything to show how corrupt she and her group is and that she is only for herself, not the USA.

If for some reason it is not Trump, then I hope whoever it is does the same thing.

If Clinton wins, and makes the US a third world socialist country and the millennials start crying, I hope I'm alive and can shove it in their stupid faces and tell them THEY, YES THEY caused this, don't blame it on anyone else, look in the mirror and blame that person.

As for the panic buying, it will happen but I think that she won't be able to do much because there will be too much on her plate trying to "save" the mistreated welfare people of the US. She will have her underlings try to do things but I hope (???) that congress grows some balls and shoves everything up her ass that she tries to do.

What I'm really hoping is that the Justice Dept. (I know, I know) gets off their collective butts and indicts her before the election. Bad thing though is Obama is going to pardon her for ANYTHING she has done in the past so she nominates him to the SCOTUS.
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One thing is for sure, Clinton or Bernie still can be lame ducks. Not that I have any hope at this point but the voters CAN nullify what they could do by voting in the right people. One thing is for certain, more people will finally wake the fuck up and maybe get this train back on track in 2020. I think too many are still sleeping, scratch that, I KNOW too many people are still sleeping. We need a reset. A RINO will only make things worse.
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Congress is too spineless for lame ducks.
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Don't worry, there is plenty in Trumps closet for Hillary to dig up rather easily to use against him. Hillary is one of the biggest pieces of crap on the face of the earth but I figure she knows the nomenclature and foreign issues better for a debate than Trump. The circus will continue......
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When it comes to the election, I apply the "ABC's". Anyone But Clinton!

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