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*Range Report* CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1
I didn't have time to put too many rounds down range today, but I did get to shoot 120 which is enough for initial impressions.

It confirmed my opinion that this pistol is not meant to spend its life as a pistol, and a welcome addition will be the folding stock, or any other stock for that matter. CZ assures us that they will either sell the stock, pending 922r approval, or a stock + parts kit to make it 922r compliant. I can't wait.

It also confirms my opinion that the "Sig brace," when used as designed, is stupid. It made shooting this thing even more awkward than it already was, but it was easy to take off.

That said, it was easy to shoot and the sights were dead on nuts accurate from the factory. They're also high quality aluminum and the rear sight has 4 apertures for different shooting distances. Sighting in is similar to any standard AR sights, but I didn't need to adjust mine at all.

It has a little kick to it, due to the blowback design and the weight of the bolt (something like 40% of the total weight of the gun), but I was quickly back on target for follow up shots.

As I mentioned in the other thread, the safety lever dug into my finger and left a mark, see picture below. I look forward to the kit that allows you to remove one of the levers to alleviate this issue.

The trigger isn't as bad as some of the pro reviews made it out to be..., I found that once I got into the groove, I could allow the recoil to reset it for me without any thought on my part. I'm also not experienced with a tier 1 trigger, so maybe that's why it doesn't seem that bad to me. Smile

All in all it is a great little shooter, with no failures to speak of, and when the folding stock comes from CZ, it will be a formidable little pistol caliber SBR that would make a nice truck gun or bed side weapon. In fact, all I'm going to do to mine is add the stock, a TLR-1 HL, and the safety mod and call it done.

Here's my first 20 rounds at 25 yards, slow and controlled aiming.
[Image: IMG_20150207_122834763_zps31c6su5v.jpg]

2 more 25 yard groups, rapid fire (not as fast I could go), 20 and 30 rounds.
[Image: IMG_20150207_123430741_zpseptls4lo.jpg]

Another 30 round rapid fire group, as fast as I could pull the trigger.
[Image: IMG_20150207_124026713_zpsfrc2e4q8.jpg]

I lost a little skin thanks to the safety lever. I found that if I concentrated on keeping my finger low on the trigger, that the safety wouldn't dig into my finger. If I started shooting quickly, my finger would move back to its natural position on the trigger and the safety would dig in again.
[Image: IMG_20150207_123355432_zpsfyoll8ti.jpg]

This is a picture of the charging handle after a magazine was emptied and the bolt locked back. It doesn't lock back with the bolt, and slides around freely. This confused me for a moment until I realized that this is what allows the use of the AR style bolt release. You can pull the charging handle back and lock it in place, but then that disables the bolt release..., which makes sense now that I look at it because when the charging handle is engaged, it will be locked up in that little notch, thus making the AR style bolt release useless. It would then act like an HK style bolt release which you can slap.
[Image: IMG_20150207_123022854_zpsjrubcsef.jpg]

I can't wait to shoot it more, and I can't wait for my tax stamp and stock. Hell, once I get the stamp, even if I don't have the stock, I'll shoulder my brace. Smile

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Awesome! Thank you for posting this!
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
You're welcome!

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(a) Happy for you and a tad envious.

(b) Is the whole firearm made of metal, or is there polymer involved? (I mean aside from the grip)

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A) Thank you!
B) It's mostly polymer, actually.
C) I think I'm gonna live, thank you.

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Looks like I may have to throw that one on the short-list. Weird what they did with the safety lever. Glad you weren't disapointed.
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That looks MUCH better.

I was going to ask if you could simply take a hack saw to the tube on the longer one, but you have solved the problem the civilized way.

Big Grin
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