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Range Report: Ruger American .308 and Savage MK2 .22LR. Plano rifle case as well.
Today, I was finally able to get out and shoot the Ruger American I picked up last fall! It was beautiful out, and the rifle range at PMSC was all mine. They had a gun show/flea market going on, so that probably drew everyone's attention.

In addition to the American, I took my Savage MKII .22 out for a spin, so I thought I would do a review on it as well. I don't have a bench rest, so I wasn't as accurate as I could be. I'm not going to go into all of the features of each rifle, you can read those for yourself here;

To start with, I want to talk about this Plano case. My parents gave this to me for Christmas, and it is one sweet case for the price! I think they're right around 150 bucks at Amazon.

[Image: P1000845_zps7f5d8d71.jpg]

It is designed to hold 2 scoped rifles, which is does, as you can see here. I suppose I could do cutouts in the foam for the rifles, but I doubt that I will. It does not come with pluckable foam.

[Image: P1000851_zps7275abea.jpg]

The case has dual stage latches, and is lockable. There are 6 latches in total, making it a very secure and tightly sealed case. Plano calls it their "Dri-Loc" seal.

[Image: P1000846_zpscac01c54.jpg]

There is a handle on the side, and wheels on the other side, making it easy to pull around if you're guns are heavy.

[Image: P1000847_zpsa9f6babb.jpg]

[Image: P1000848_zps2e7f9494.jpg]

Finally, there is a pressure release valve. This will help equalize the pressure if you have large changes in elevation.

[Image: P1000849_zpscfc91854.jpg]

Here's my Savage MKII. I got the FVXP package, which includes the heavy barrel, accu trigger, and Bushnell Scope, for 240 bucks from Bud's. It's a sweet .22..., well built, and accurate enough for small game and plinking.

[Image: P1000858_zpsd449f591.jpg]

I had to zero it in, and after I did, here's a 9 round "rapid fire" group from 100 yards. I basically shot off a magazine as fast as I could. The bolt cycled smoothly every time, and didn't have any issues feeding rounds or ejecting cases (after the issues mentioned below were worked out).

The accu-trigger is crisp and breaks clean. It is also user adjustable, but I just left it at whatever they set at the factory, and I like it just fine.

[Image: P1000855_zpsfdc7ffcd.jpg]

I didn't care for where the safety is on this rifle, because it forced me to move my hand from the shooting position to operate it, but that would be only a nit pick on an otherwise nice little shooter.

[Image: f4efbae5-3e1d-4915-a727-f2106f45ceb0_zps14cd306c.jpg]

Speaking of the magazines, the rifle comes with a 5 round metal magazine (which I gave away to a poofa member), but you can get these 10 round metal mags. They definitely need worked in a bit, as 2 of them had feeding issues at first. After the first 10 rounds, through, it was smooth sailing.

[Image: P1000860_zps5530fede.jpg]

As for the Ruger American .308, this thing is lighter than the Savage, believe it or not. That heavy barrel on the Savage makes a big difference. To keep this rifle all American, I chose the Redfield Revolution scope, which is made in Oregon. Also, the price of the scope was commensurate with the price of the rifle. The rifle was only 350 bucks, so I wasn't going to put a scope on it that was many times that price.

To "tacticool" it up a bit, I put a bipod on the front, but that came off immediately since I wasn't going to do any prone shooting today, and it was too low to allow me to get a proper cheek weld on the bench. It'll probably stay off.

When you buy an American, Ruger will send you a free cheek pad that will hold 5 rounds and has a good size pouch for holding tools, or more ammo, or whatever you want. I keep a bore snake in there.

[Image: P1000852_zpsa66967cb.jpg]

[Image: P1000853_zps0402f549.jpg]

I had to get her sighting in as well, and here are my last two groups for sighting, at 100 yards. (I did 2 shots because I forgot to bring enough ammo for sighting and having fun). I was also using old surplus ammo.

[Image: P1000857_zps699959a1.jpg]

A lot of people say that Ruger copied Savage's accu-trigger, and they might have, I don't know. What I do know, is that it feels just like the trigger on my Savage. I love it because it is crisp and breaks clean, and is also user adjustable between 3 and 5 pounds. Again, I left it set where it was from the factory, because I liked it just fine there. I think Ruger calls theirs the "Ruger Marksman Adjustable Trigger."

The bolt operated smoothly and the safety is in a good spot, and I had no issues reaching it with my thumb. I did have one issue, which I will discuss below, when I talk about the magazine.

[Image: P1000861_zps0c9f9b1c.jpg]

Once I got comfortable behind the trigger, I was able to do 3 shot groups like this one. The one shot in the target area was from sighting..., that's where she started.

[Image: P1000856_zps6552018f.jpg]

My only gripe with this rifle is the magazine. It is as if Ruger built this nice, affordable, rifle and said "whoops, we forgot magazines." It is a plastic, detachable, 4 round box magazine. I've read a lot of complains about the magazine fitting loosely in the rifle, but mine was in there tight. I didn't have any issues feeding from the magazine, but it just doesn't give me confidence that it'll hold up to much use in the long term. I'm hoping the after market comes out with something better, but in the mean time, I'm just going to buy a handful just to have.

[Image: P1000854_zps0bb366db.jpg]

The one issue I had with this rifle was that for some reason, one of my rounds would not allow me to drive the bolt to battery. In fact, at first, the round was stuck in the chamber when I first pulled the bolt back. I tried ramming it to battery as hard as I could, but it was a no go. Fortunately, that was enough to get the extractor to snag the shell and get it out of the chamber. However, to get it out, I had to stand the rifle on its butt and use my fist like a hammer.

I inspected the round, and I couldn't detect anything wrong with it. I verified that it was the same .308 that I had been shooting up to that point, and it was. It was old surplus, though, and I don't have any calipers to check the dimensions, so perhaps it was defective or swelled, or something.

I really am at a loss as to why this one round wouldn't go. I'm just glad that I was able to get it out, and I'm going to inspect the chamber to make sure that everything is ok, when I clean it tonight.

I don't think that this indicates a problem with the rifle. I think it was just that round.

Overall, for under 600 bucks for the rifle and scope, this rifle is an incredible value, and I would recommend it to anyone. I'm definitely going to try hunting with it, this year.

[Image: pafoasig.png]
I so want to jump on the Ruger American. I've had my eyes on one in .243 for a while now.
It's about time! Nice review. I like that RAR and that's a sweet case. Thanks for taking the time to take some pictures and do a proper write-up. I'm jealous that you got some time outside at the range. I haven't made it out with the rifles this year, yet.
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Very well written review. I came into this thread to read about the 308 and wound up finding myself very interested in that case. It doesn't take many trips walking across a 40 bench rifle range before you start to wish you had wheels....
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Thanks for the write up and pics Justin. I like the Ruger and the case seems really nice. Now if I could only get that money tree to grow out back. Congratulations on getting out to the range. Both nice rifles.
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Thanks all! I appreciate the feedback. I am obviously not a pro shooter or anything, but I figured some would appreciate a range report.

[Image: pafoasig.png]
As a picture-posting slut, I appreciated the time you took to post this. I missed it somehow initially.

Seems like a reasonably priced 308.
Considering the Ruger American Compact in 7mm-08.
Cabellas has them right now for $299.
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