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Recent Firearms on TV
In "Bonnie and Clyde" they depicted Tommy guns on full-auto that fired for 20, 30, seconds continuously with 50 round drum magazines. (They also had a barn-dance band where the banjo player was playing a 5-string but the sound was from a plectrum banjo.)

Then again, on "Mob City," when Bugsy Siegel whacked a guy with his 1911, I counted exactly 7 shots before the slide locked open. Thought that was good, until I realized that I don't think he racked the slide and wouldn't Bugsy Siegel carry his 1911 cocked and with a chambered round. Kind of cool that the main cop character, a Guadalcanal hero, carries an M1 Carbine in his trunk, and uses it to great effect.

Interesting that all the bad guys carry 1911 pistols and the cops have revolvers. Accurate? From the cops' perspective in that era, yes, but did the mob guys carry 1911's in the 50's? Weren't they concerned about leaving casings around?

In both series the damage done to people by GSWs is pretty graphic, including the through-and-throughs.
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the bottomless magazine thing might get worse as more shows do cgi gunfire instead of blank firing guns. sounds like mob city used traditional sfx guns. what about bonnie and clyde?
Did anybody else spot what looked to be a Mauser Broomhandle in the scene where the Mob City bad guys went after the witness?
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Not recent TV, but I find endless entertainment in watching re-runs of the A-Team. You can't have an A-Team episode without the following things:

-Fire 1000 rounds, never reload, never hit anything! Nobody ever gets shot, not even the bad guys.
-A car at some point must hit a ramp, flip upside down and then spontaneously combust.
-The occasional appearance of a suppressed revolver.
-Helping kids, showing said kids that smoking cigars makes you look cool.

They could never make such a show again with similar "violence" on daytime TV.
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