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Recommend An Affordable Decent 308 Please.
Look at the Savage AXIS. I know some people are going to poo-poo it being the lower cost entry level rifle but I can tell you I know a lot of people that have them and love them. You will get people that will tell you the trigger sucks. Well, in many cases it does, but it can be cleaned up very easily and will be as good as any out there. IIRC correctly, there is at least one You Tube video that show you how you can make the Axis trigger into an adjustable trigger for less then a couple dollars and less than an hours work. I have a LEO client that did it to his Axis and he says (and I trust him, and have known him for many years) his now breaks at 2 1/2-3 lbs (he likes that for his hunting rifles) and has no creep, no roughness and brakes like a glass rod snapping.

Plus, finding a 5.5 in Redhawk in 44 mag can be tough to do, they are wildly popular in that barrel length.
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I don't come to this forum very often, but I'll throw my opinion in the discussion.

Savage is the first action that I consider when I'm purchasing a new bolt action. The biggest reason is that you can DIY with a Savage and learn a valuable skill in the process. Swapping barrels requires very few tools and you can do it in under 15 minutes.

It's very simple to switch barrels/calibers on a Savage. You can upgrade your rifle all at once or a little at a time when money becomes available.

I've owned nearly every factory action out there and will tell you that dollar for dollar that Savage products are the best choice.

Don't get me wrong, Ruger (who loves to copy other companies) offers the RAR, which is a decent factory rifle, BUT you cannot truly upgrade that rifle. If you don't plan on making changes to your rifle, the RAR may be the right rifle for you. It does come with some great features for a factory rifle and for it's price point.

I thought long and hard about the Mossbergs as they use AR15 mags or SR 25 (DPMS) patterned mags, but that's about it. Mossberg owners will never tell you that the Mossbergs are precision rifles. I don't care what the claims's just a crude action. I know that Tony Rumore aka Tromix does offer some aftermarket items such as replacement barrels.

In the end, I really suggest that you sit down and think about what your true needs/wants are for.

If you are just looking for a good hunting rig, RAR is probably a good option as you can buy them for $400.

If you want to get into long range shooting and you think you may be willing to learn the craft and want to invest your time and money. I say get an action that will grow with you as you become a better shooter. Savage will do that for you.

If you want a factory rifle and must have the best action...I say take a look at Tikka (similar to Sako, but must less money).
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I have a Savage Edge/Axis in .270 and .308. They are, without a doubt, good shooting, accurate and smooth! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one!
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I picked up an Axis in .308 a couple years ago. It's a decent rifle for the money. They now can be purchased with the accu-trigger.
I paid around $280, and dropped a Timney trigger in for another $100, and it's a smooth shooting SOB.
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I personally like feel of the Ruger American over the Axsis if you're on a budget either would be a good choice though. I've shot the MVP in .223 and I was impressed. Shot fairly accurately in the short range times I had with it (@ 20rds) and felt solid. I did find the action a little less smooth than some others, but it wasn't really horrible or anything. If you're in that price range I would look at the Savage Hog Hunter as well. It is based on the model 10 action and comes with the accu-trigger. I really come to like the accu-trigger on the model 11 I have and savage seems to make some pretty accurate hunting rifles out of the box anymore. For a little more money the best "bang for the buck" factory rifles out right now are the cz's. Great trigger, very accurate, and well built. In 308 look at the 550 American. If you're open to other calibers, they make the 527 carbine in 7.62x39. That rifle is on my short list and would make a pretty good hog setup imho.
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das;170792 Wrote:
Mr_Gixxer;170773 Wrote:Sorry, don't own a .308. I'll try harder next time.
Not directed at you Gixxer. Just disappointed in the lack of response. Now we know why people dont stay very long.

You're right, kinda disappointing. I haven't been over here as much lately. It seems like it's only around ten people who post regularly over here anymore and 95% of it has very little to do with guns. I used to come over here when I got sick of feeling like I was banging my head on the wall on the big site. I'll have to start coming over to the dark side more often Big Grin.
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