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Rep. Amash: ‘If Americans Could Read Classified Docs, They’d Be Even More Against Syr
Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) has been a very outspoken opponent of any military intervention in Syria. He has been all over the media warning that we as a nation should not strike Syria, and he has even used social media sites to warn his fellow Congress members that if they vote for military action next week, they might as well clean out their desks because of unprecedented public opposition against it. - See more at:
Maybe he should release some of those documents so that we can read them.
Living in a age of relative truths really makes it hard to keep accurate and consistant definitions to terms like "War" and "Terrorist."
"Relative truths"... exactly. Even if Obama personally held up copies of top secret info for public viewing, no one would believe it. He and his administration have done absolutely everything possible to destroy their own credibility, and this the country's as well. It's not ineptitude, because if it were, he'd have at least done one thing right... if only by accident. And that statement right their sums up what many have suspected all along. He is not incompetent. He is intentionally destroying the country.

This "fundamental change" he promised is here. He has painted the nation in to a corner where the only choices are "be a bully and strengthen the resolve of the muslim world", or "be a coward and strengthen the resolve of the muslim world".

You can tell how seriously BHO doesn't take the Syrian issue. He hot potatoes it to Congress and flees DC in a childish "you're it, I quit" manner. The man doesn't even have the courtesy to address the Congress in person. He has no shame, no credibility, and no plan what-so-ever for securing American interests abroad... or domestically.
tolerance for failure meter... LOW

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