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Report: Enforcement of Brady Law 2010
The report in all its glory is available here:

Don't be concerned if an error message pops up. For some reason the cover page is messed up. But the body of the report is OK.

But here's the condensed version with the stats I believe most relavent to us. Especially when we're arguing with an anti or a gun-grabbing politician! Please note this is my analysis and I most strongly suggest you review the report and especially check my numbers and arithmetic!

All information is for the year 2010

Backgound Checks conducted by the FBI: 6,037,394
Background checks denied: 72,659 1.2%

Denials transferred to ATF for investigation: 76,142

Actions within ATF

Denials Transferred to field offices for further investigation: 4,732 6.2% of all denials. Note all percentages following are against total denials (76,142)

Denials not referred, overturned or cancelled: 71,410 93.8%

Denials Declined for referral to U.S. Attorneys: 4,184 5.5%

Denials referred to U.S. Attorneys: 62 0.08%

Results of those referred:

Declined by Prosecutors: 18

Guilty Plea By Defendant: 13 0.017%

Pending Prosecutor Action 12

Dismissed Per Plea Bargain Agreement: 10

And to add the frosting to this cake! The performance reported here is DOWN in all catagories for investigation and prosecution in amounts up to 77% less against that reported for 2006!
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When you tell a liberal that we need voter ID checks (no where near as thorough as a gun background check), they say that voter fraud is not a real problem and that law abiding voters will be disenfranchised by requiring an ID.
But requiring an invasive background check that does not work to prevent crime, in order for law abiding citizens to exercise a different constitutional right, does not seem to phase them.

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