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Revlover carry.
Hello Friends,

I just bought a Taurus Tracker .44 to be a general purpose "woods" gun, or to carry when riding my ATV.

It is my first revolver, and I'm having a diffilcult time finding something that would allow me to comfortably carry it while backpacking.

I'm not willing to be a test case of OC in state parks.

What are yinzers using?


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A shoulder holster, for a gun that large, is usually a good option. Sometimes the only viable one... Buy yourself a vest, for pricker bushes and branches, and it's effectively concealed...

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Carried a .44 SA in a cross draw OWB a bunch, about 10:30 and at a minimal cross draw angle. that I covered under one of my hiking vests.

Backpack straps never got in the way. I could lean forward with no problems.

The vest itself was light and carried some small essentials so it wasn't too much extra in warmer days, and didn't look like a "hey I'm carrying a gun" vest.
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I always consider bringing a different gun camping, such as my Ruger Blackhawk or my sawed off 20 gauge (you know, for bears and stuff) Cool. But then at the last minute I realize that they are heavy and uncomfortable to carry, and I end up just carrying my glock like I always do. There's just nothing else compatible with wearing waders, a backpack, etc.
Beautiful gun, and there is always a reason to buy a new one, but why not your EDC?
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Camper;98237 Wrote:Beautiful gun, and there is always a reason to buy a new one, but why not your EDC?

Why not my EDC, as in why not make the revolver my EDC? Or why not just carry my EDC in the woods? I'll just answer both. My H&Ks are my EDC, and for carry in the woods, I wanted something more substantial, for the more substantial creatures there. And..., I wanted something that I don't care about beating up, either in the woods or on my ATV..., my H&Ks are just too pretty. Tongue

Thanks for the tips so far, all!

Here she is. There is a blemish on the barrel, for which I got them to knock off another 40 bucks.

[Image: P1000819_zps463d645f.jpg]
[Image: pafoasig.png]

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