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Revolution or civil war?
With everything going on it stands to be a valid question. Could there be a revolution or civil war in today's America? I'm not talking about military, could one side win over the other. I'm asking if it would be possible for citizens to rise up against an oppressive government and become an organized force being as everyone is spread so far apart?

The American Revolution was easier. We knew where the British were and more had to travel for weeks/months to get here. The American Civil War was cut and dry as well for the most part. North vs. South. But now, everyone is spread out. You have sheep everywhere, not just in the cities, and broken up all over America...

I know it sounds horrible to say, but if they told people food stamps would be cut off until the whatever action was over, you would have 70 year old women crawling with kitchen knives out of the woodwork to put it down so they could get their benefits back...

Just something I was wondering about being up so late... lol

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Everyone has a free life to spend, whether they spend it on the government or the public liberty, if they consider either cause greater than any single thing in their lives. Those who cannot pay will be deterred by those who do. Nearly all political subdivisons and each of their branches and departments have effectively declared war on us as is, if not overthrown the very constitutions themselves, leaving only their papers to sooth us while we are subjugated. Thinking of the situation as 'an oppressive government', as if the entire thing worked smoothly together to become an overwhelming bohemoth, makes an unmanaged, impersonal, surreal image to what is a very real, human, unjust problem that is very confrontable.
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It would be both: Those who revolt against a tyrannical government which would be protected by those who rely on that same government to continue there lifestyles.
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If we lie to the government, it's a crime. If the government lies to the people, it's called politics.
Paying for welfare is slavery.

They are both tin-foil hat fantasies from militia-type wannabees.
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MrPeanut;59365 Wrote:Neither.

They are both tin-foil hat fantasies from militia-type wannabees.

This is the answer of a true revolutionary.
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How about tic-tac-toe? I hear that'll really fuck things up. Cool
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I think there could be. Especially when you said about food stamps.

It was about a year, maybe two years ago. Some county wasn't able to get the foodstamps out. I want to say it was Virginia maybe? I saw news reports of people nearly rioting.

I feel that there is enough resentment to get the feelings started. Enough displeasure at how the government is running things. I think if the entitlement stopped, or was greatly reduced, it would be widespread panic.

Small riots would break out. They would eventually run into eachother, causing larger groups. There would be injuries and death of course. Then, someone would stand up as a leader, and unite the majority of them against the politicians. I don't think many of them would be well armed. But I do see it as a possibility. Although not a very probable one. We all know they would just print more money.
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I think it depends on the event that would touch it off. If the gubment stopped foodstamps and welfare payments, sure you'd see rioting and possibly city dwellers staging attacks on suburban resources. So, if you consider that war, then it would qualify as a civil war I suppose.

If instead, the gubment took freedoms from individuals, for example free speech, maybe the right to a trial, maybe the right to protection from search, maybe the seizure of wealth, or attempt to seize arms, then we see the potential for revolution.

I think that an attempt to seize arms would most definitely cause the people to rise up in revolution, which is exactly why they'll nibble away at it instead.
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Curmudgeon;59388 Wrote:How about tic-tac-toe? I hear that'll really fuck things up. Cool

I'd prefer a nice game of Thermo-Nuclear War.

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