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Romney Revival
(08-26-2014, 01:01 AM)Emoticon Wrote:
DeadEye;152539 Wrote:Where do you get these delusions? I make a comment about Romney getting electing as a Republican in a liberal state, and you run on at infinitum about MA politics, which has NOTHING to do with my comment. Now, with nothing else to chew on, you start in with "vague threats". I haven't threatened anyone, vaguely or otherwise. What I said was, is when I was a child I spoke like YOU DO, except I would have made you look like a choir boy. So, I'm not impressed by your adolescent speech. The difference, is that God did a work in my heart, for which, I do not wish to denigrate, but being the imperfect human sinner I am still am subject to falter.

In the meantime, you can also stop with the, "You're religious, therefore you're stupid because you believe in a man on a flying carpet in outer space" routine. Either you believe, or you don't, yet no need to mock my God, even with the subtleties of spelling it with a lower case "G". As with most unbelievers, you believe that God was created in YOUR image, due to your selfish nature, not the other way around. Can you see electricity? No, only the effects thereof. Don't think it's real? Stick your fingers across two opposing screws of an energized outlet. Point being, man was created in God's image. But then again , that's not the topic here, just another diversion to attempt to gain the upper hand by APPEARING to be the superior intellect.

By not supporting the Republican Party, it guarantees an Obama or a Clinton victory, an anathema to my personal core values, as you and others are a prime example of. By pulling out all you do is guarantee them a win and a bigger voting block next time. Do you think it is coincidental that younger people are voting Democrat? It's not about the Republican Party being out of touch, only in the sense their ideology doesn't support the Democratic one, which is being force fed to them in schools. The Dems started this campaign back in the 60's and 70's, declaring that in two generations they could capture the society by changing the minds of the youth. They high jacked the Teacher's Union, and now here we are. So, there's no coincidence as to why kids of today's beliefs are what they are. With public schools being a surrogate parent, parents are now more inclined to start emulating their children, rather than vice versa. Ever go to the mall? Look at the 40 year old Obama Moms, trying to act and dress like their teenage children. It's not because they support the Democrat ideology. It's because they've been indoctrinated that the Democrat party is hip and cool, and that Republicans are the party of old white racist men. Want to change society to agree with you? Get ahold of the public school system, the Dems figured it out. In two generations you can teach future voters, God doesn't exist, abortions are necessary, and guns have no place in society.

Dude, you're not buying that tired old line that abortions are to save the female from the torture of rape, are you? Look at the FACTS. 9 out of 10 (and that's splitting the one Baby, because it's actually about 0.7 of one Baby) abortions are performed on women 24-40 years old, certainly old enough to know better. They are done so as because the female had a drunken or drug induced night of unprotected sex, and now wants to use an abortion as a means of birth control.

I already do campaign work at the lower level rather than sitting on my duff complaining about the lack of an entire party that wholeheartedly agrees with me. By your own standards, you'll never support a candidate until they agree totally with you. Good luck with that. The Democrats only have to initially be cool, that's all most Americans are interested in anyway. Republicans remind them too much of their fathers, who speak of social responsibility , and other issues that makes their brains hurt and stands in the way of youthful indiscretion.

Again, you cannot answer the only real question I posed to you, because you know you can't defend it. The question at hand being... Where the incentive is for politicians to change if they continue to fuck you over and over, and you carry on voting for them anyway and simply sit there, wish, and hope they would change? The failure of logic there is immense. Your campaign work to brainwash other people into supporting the clearly failed status quo does nothing but damage this nation and ensure we will continue to be ruled by largely Democratic dynasty and the occasional Republican that appears when a Democrat fails in the most egregious way possible to make a party obsessed with pleasing special interest groups seem viable to the average man. On the other hand I prefer to expose people to the notions of what it would really be like to live in a truly free country if not for the failed system the sheeple like you continue to support and then I of course combat people like you because I can see what lies beyond the next election cycle. Regardless, it is undeniable that if more people thought like I do the better chance you would have of ending up with a political system that cares about the interests of the constituency of people. All you can hope for is that the Republicans don't forget to use lube when they bend you over again after you elect them and they once again go back on every campaign promise they made.

I bring up the magic space carpet because to anyone who isn't brainwashed your notions really are beyond absurd. If I told you there were these things called "quazitrons" which only I can detect that I also claim operate on such a quantum level that I can use them to predict the future exactly 1000 years from any given moment, you're are going to call me a crackpot with good reason, even though you cannot prove quazitrons exist even though I claim to believe in them whole heatedly. Nobody claimed Microwaves existed before we discovered them. I can say I have faith in my quazitrons and you are still going to laugh me out of the room, again, with good reason. When you bring up the invisible man in the sky as a defense for some action by pointing to an entity that is not quantifiable in any way and use it as a reason to try to modify your own and other people's behavior that claim is equally absurd to the point you may as well be trying to sell me on my fictitious quazitrons. I've never said there is no god, just that it is unimaginably unlikely to exist and there is no verifiable evidence of it's existence, so using it as a defense to anyone, but the brainwashed is worthless. It also strikes me as odd that you get so threatened by me questioning your beliefs and get so offended, when if you know your beliefs about god are all undeniably true in spite of anything I say... why are you so offended by what I say? Either way I'll have to account for my actions when I die right? Personally, I feel like to pretend that my ancestors from before the time of Christianity or around the time of it's origin and most people like modern Chinese have all been condemned to hell because they either do not believe or were never exposed to your notions about God. How can someone be condemned to hell if they live in a jungle somewhere and were never told of your storybook, what kind of god would do that? That seems to me to be beyond arrogant and presumptuous. From a unbiased observer's viewpoint who has been exposed to no religion at all, the notion of the mythology of Christianity is not really more credible than the Greek's polytheism or even modern Scientology. I also encourage you to re-read what you wrote there on abortion, the way you claim to say "they are old enough to know better" even if they were taken advantage of (people in their 20's - to 40's get raped too you know) you make it sound as if the woman being forced to keep the baby as if it is some kind of punishment for her negligence. I find this an interesting outlook by someone who believes all children are a gift from the deity. Either way though I was talking about unnecessary, medically irrelevant, invasive ultrasounds, not abortion.

BTW: You are never going to buy this, but it's the truth. I honestly don't think much about the letter case when using the word "God" or "god". I honestly don't care that much, it's really not a grand conspiracy to eat at you in some subliminal way even though I find it quite entertaining that you think I do it on purpose and it does clearly eat at you. As anyone who reads my posts probably notices usually when I make a post I always seem to think of a more refined or eloquent way to get my point across immediately after I press the post button. As a result I usually do a fair amount of refining of my posts after the fact, but that is not something I spend much time thinking about and I had not considered before that it would bothers you to that degree that you feel the need to steer the discussion to it away from the question I asked. I'm sure though if you look though you'll find I use them almost interchangeably without thinking about it much if I didn't in this thread it's honestly just happenstance.

I answered your question in the last post, you're just obviously not willing to accept it (surprise!). I try to get candidates elected that have a platform for which I agree. Most get elected at the local level, but at the State and Federal level it is a another story. There you are working against the cities and the Democrat machine which manifests votes, and the special interest groups who fund their candidate. In the end we both want the same thing. My point is why can't Libertarians and Independents join with Republicans to support a candidate that has substance, and the answer is always because Republicans won't support crazy Uncle Ron. Well, maybe it is time for your third party. Good luck with that and we can then watch the Democrats serve at infinitum. In essence, keep holding your breath and stomping your feet from the sidelines. You are just as bad, if not worse, than those you fume about

Why do you continue to rail against something (God) for which you do not believe, and has no relevance to this conversation? For a God that does not exist you sure spend an awful lot of time denouncing him. The Bible teaches that ALL men are born with the knowledge of God's existence. It's up to you as to whether you continue that belief or reject it. People in remote areas are also born with that belief, but as wicked sinful creatures, as all men are, don't take long in allowing their humanly sin to take over. Three year olds don't join gangs or warring parties and slaughter one another. They have to be taught, for which, is happening at a younger and younger age these days. God says that he will have extreme wrath for those that knew him and rejected him rather than for those who never knew him at all. A child in the Congo, therefore, can be born, I believe, without a complete understanding of God and still live a righteous life. Therefore, again I believe, would be accepted into heaven. Missionaries reach out to such areas because they are trying to reach people with a very limited understanding and higher likelihood of becoming an even more sinful man. What happens in remote parts where you describe as it does in cities where large groups of men dominate? Again, it is irrelevant to this particular topic , only thrown in as an attempt for you to try and discredit me. "You believe in ghosts and fairy tales, therefore you can't be believed on any subject". It's a common liberal tactic.

The rape statistics are not my presumptions but responses taken from the women themselves, when asked. Go to the CDC website and read it for yourself. Again, another distraction. Quit murdering babies.
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