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RSO forum?
If we were to put it up to a vote I would vote no to a private thread.
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Seems stupid. Maybe have an RSO forum but I don't know about making it private. For one, anyone can claim to be an RSO. Trolls will be trolls. Also, RSO's might benefit from hearing from non-RSO's. Locking those people out would be a loss.

Also there would probably only be like 2 or 3 people in that forum anyway. If you really have something "secret" you want to talk about with 2-3 people then just use PM's.
While we're here, I want a private forum for 1911 owners. That way, we'd have a place to discuss tips, tricks, techniques, and fixes for 1911s, without having to deal with Glock talk.

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RocketFoot;137806 Wrote:I can create an RSO forum but there is no way to make it private. I could make it password protected and RSO's would have to PM us for the password?? It would be to difficult to create a whole new membership group in order to make a forum hidden from the rest of the groups. Password would be the best way to do this...

Before you start work on that, can you start on the other one that we talked about? Smile
Go for it.

The other day I counted ONE gun thread out of the first 20 new threads listed. Two if you count the resident spammer's loosely related political Yo-Mamma bashing thread.

I'm thinking that the "civilians" outnumber the "RSOs" by a large, large, large margin.

That should be a smoking-hot subforum of activity! Big Grin
Yeah, I'm all about giving forum members what they want but It does seem strange to have a password protected forum for information that could be useful to the rest of the community. I also agree that there probably wouldn't be a lot of posting activity...but that would be on the bottom of my list of cons!
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Couldn't you just private message someone if you have something private to discuss with them?Shrug
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this is exactly the type of stuff that would drive me away from a site. A place just for RSOs? Seems fairly elitist to me. If you want to bitch about the non-RSO crowd just grow a pair and post in the open.
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csmith;137819 Wrote:What would be the criteria for access? NRA certified? Just curious.

I'm an RO on one of the shotgun ranges at my club. While it might be nice to hear a few "war stories" I don't think it should be private for the very reason I quote here, how do we decide who is "real" enough to be part of it, do we send out a team and investigate if the folks who say they are an RO really are?
I'm the range officer in my back yard, does that count?
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