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Ruger sr9c or S&W shield?
These are my choices. Which one would you go with? I really like the SR9c but I have heard of trigger reset issues and pins falling out which has me hesitant. This will be my EDC. All opinions welcome. Thanks Dom
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I carry an SR40c every day. I love it. I've put about 1500 rounds through it with no malfunctions of any kind. I've shot mine side by side with a Glock 23 & S&W M&P SHIELD 40. I like the feel of the SR series over both guns, recoil and grip. I know you're looking at 9mm, but I figured I'd share my experiences with the same frame with a different caliber. SR series is an excellent carry gun.
SR9c. Personally I like the ergonomics better. Wherever you put the front sight is where the bullet goes. I prefer the trigger of that over my Glocks. The stainless steel model looks very sharp and is a breeze to maintain. Need to conceal more? Use the 10 round mag, your choice with or without the pinky floor plate extension. Want more firepower? You have the option of carrying the 17 round mag with grip sleeve.
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I picked up a Shield in .40 a few weeks ago and love it. Its the perfect size for me and manages recoil well. I can't imagine the 9mm being any different.

I've only shot the SR9C once and like it as well. A coworker has one and loves it. It's a little heavier than the Shield, but not by much. I think only 4 or 5 oz.

How about the Beretta Nano? Me and a buddy got Nanos a few months ago and have had great experiences with them. It comes in 9mm, is pretty slim and light. The only con I found is that you absolutely need to use the extended mag with it to get a decent grip on the gun. The handle/ grip is just too small. And I, nor my buddy have particularly large hands, just average.
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I've shot both, and had an SR9c as my EDC for a long time. I would give the nod to the SR9c, but its mainly personal preference. I never had any issues with the Ruger whatsoever. It goes bang, conceals easy and is simple to clean and maintain. (easier to clean than the S&W IMHO).

At the end of the day, either is a good choice. But if my life depended on it I'd go with the SR9c because I know from 1st hand experience its accurate and reliable.
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IMHO SR9c. I'm a proponent of more being better in respect to the number of rounds available to you for a defensive situation and the Ruger has at least 2 more rounds available to you by default. The Shield comes with an 8 and a 7 round magazine, the Ruger 10.
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Here you go, Das. Enjoy!

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M&P Shield.

Or better yet, M&P 9c, but those were the options available.
Neither... XDS

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I don't think you can go wrong with either. I have an SR9c and have shot the Shield. The Shield is thinner do to the 8 round single stack mag but the SR is a 10 round double stack. The SR also comes with a 17 rounder with an adapter sleeve. If I were doing it all over again I would still go with the SR9c.
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