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Ruger Super Redhawk Trigger/Action Job
I just wrapped up a trigger job on my 9.5" SRH 44 and thought I would share. This is my fifth trigger/action job. I found it slightly less complex than a Sig action. Though there are more parts to work on in the SRH, the parts that need polished had larger surfaces and fewer crazy angles to maintain. I would consider myself an amateur smith at best, maybe a tinkerer would be a better description.

I spent some time researching for Rugers and learned of the legendary IBOK by a fellow named Iowegan. I never did find a copy of the IBOK, but I did find the following guide which many have cited as being the same process described within the IBOK. Some of the parts on the SRH are shaped just a little bit differently but the guide is still largely applicable.

SP101 Trigger Job by Kevin Wilson

I went with a 9# hammer spring and a 10# trigger return spring. I do my polishing with Flitz and a ceramic file set from Spyderco. I did not find it appropriate to use a dremel anywhere on this particular action. In total I probably spent 4-5 hours working on this. 50% of that time was probably tinkering with the parts, cleaning, figuring out how they all work together, etc.

After putting her back together and doing a function check, I found I now have a SRH with a 2# single action pull that breaks like ice (not glass). The double action pull is very smooth, nice enough that I may actually try shooting it that way. Hopefully this coming weekend I can get a range report in. I will admit I have some fear of light primer strikes using the 9# hammer spring, but reading over multiple reviews of the Wolff Spring Kit on Midway yield positive results for the 9#/10# spring combo on the SRH so there is hope. I am really excited after doing some dry fire testing at home on a rest. The factory trigger setup was nothing to write home about and I almost always had muzzle movement with it. That definitely does not seem to be the case anymore.

If everything works out well at the range, my GP100 will be next up for the treatment.
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Updating with a range report....

I had a box of 50 handloads and a narrow window (under an hour) to shoot over the weekend. While I was going for the best accuracy possible, my main goal was to establish whether or not the new springs were heavy enough to be reliable. My test nearly ended after the first round when I pulled the trigger and received nothing but a click. I debated for a minute or two whether to just pack up and resign to installing a heavier main spring. Common sense got the better of me and I tried a second round which greeted me with a loud BOOOOOM. The remaining 48 rounds fired without a hitch, leaving me to believe that the first fell victim to either a bad primer or seating issue (what are the odds).

I was able to achieve multiple tight two or three shot groups with all rounds touching at 50 yards. It is safe to say that the trigger has been greatly improved. Previously it was always a fight to squeeze a round off without significant muzzle movement. I'm hoping I can get back out within the next week or so with more available time so I can really sit down and see what kind of accuracy I can pull off.
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