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Ruger treated me Great!
All I have to say is WOW!!!

So I purchased a Ruger Red Label 12ga engraved from a personal sale this past Dec.

I took it out and shot it a couple of times. This last time while I was cleaning it I noticed a very fine crack in the forestock right along the grain of the wood. It went from the tip to the checkering.

I called Ruger up expecting to pay for the replaced part.

The gentleman on the end of the phone started asking for my address, telephone, serial number of the gun, and gave me an RMA#. I then interrupted and asked how much?

He said well, if this is not you throwing it down, or using reloads, it will be the cost of shipping.

I shipped the gun to Ruger in a box packed with bubble wrap and foam peanuts. I got the gun back in about a week. It came inside a new Ruger factory box with new owners manual and cleaning cloth. NO charge and they replaced the foregrip for free.

I am very impressed with Ruger.

It really shows customer service.
Ruger is an excellent company IMO. My manual for my mini-14 states

" do to the federal governments life time warranty requirements We (Ruger) no longer state in this manual that we guarantee for life, BUT as expected you can always rely on the quality and we will continue to honor that commitment"

I'm paraphrasing Of coarse, But what I took from that is Ruger still has a life time warranty but rather than cow down to uncle sam, they went via the honor system. I looked for my manual so I could quote exactly BUT of coarse I can't find it a the moment. I have no qualms about buying a Ruger. I own several.

I will find the manual and post exactly what it says
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Their customer service really is top notch. I sent back an LCP that I had bought used that had problems and they built me a new gun, shipped in a box with a padded soft case, owner's manual, and a new shed lock.

I recently sent my dad's bicentennial edition single six. There was some wear on the frame to the rear of the cylinder and both cylinders were getting hard to get in and out. I asked them to keep the barrel intact if possible because of the "Made in the 200th year of American Liberty" inscription on the top. As far as I can tell, there's a whole new frame on it, and they sent two brand new cylinders.

I'll never hesitate to buy a used Ruger. Their willingness to fix anything that bears their name is a real testament to their values and commitment to making sure the customer is treated properly.
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