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Sale across state lines question...
So I have an SKS listed on Armslist. All in Tapco (pistol grip, 20 round mags).

For reference:

A guy from Maryland emails and says
Quote:"I live in maryland and have a handgun license. Can you sell me this with a bill of sale? This is an unregulated rifle in maryland like a shotgun is"

Someone drop some knowledge on me. Is this legal with a face-to-face? Is the gun even legal in his state? Would I be committing multiple felonies by selling this to a guy from MD? Can I transfer it to him at an FFL? Huh

Any help is greatly appreciated.
All I know is Maryland is fucked up. I'm no expert but I would tread with extreme caution. (As in, no deal unless going through FFL)
Quote: As of 1 October 2013, detachable magazines for semi-automatic handguns and semi-automatic centerfire rifles which are capable of holding more than 10 rounds may not be purchased, manufactured or sold, though they may be possessed (but not transferred within the state) by persons who already owned them prior to enactment of the 2013 changes. Magazines greater than ten (10) rounds may be purchased or acquired outside the state and carried into Maryland and used within the state. Certain pistols are classified as "assault pistols", and banned from ownership if not registered prior to August 1, 1994.[1] Only handguns on the official handgun roster[12] may be sold in the state. Private sales of "regulated firearms," which includes handguns, are permissible, but must be done at a local Maryland State Police barracks. As of 1 Oct, a Handgun Qualification License (HQL) is required for the sale, as well as a background check and a mandatory seven day waiting period. A person must obtain a safety training certificate prior to purchasing "regulated firearms" and present that certificate prior to each purchase. With some limited exceptions,[13] only one "regulated firearm" may be purchased in any 30-day period. Handguns manufactured on or before December 31, 2002 must be sold or transferred with an external safety lock. Handguns manufactured after December 31, 2002 may only be sold or transferred if they have an internal mechanical safety device.
I told him FFL only, considering he's out of state. Amazingly I've gotten no reply... Rolleyes
You did the right thing. Any sale across state lines requires an FFL per federal law. The fact that both states in question may allow FTF sales within their own border among residents is irrelevant.
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jahwarrior72;173749 Wrote:Danger, Will Robinson!

Yep. Smells like pork. Wink
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Wise decision. Either the prospective buyer is not able to buy a firearm legally or they were trying to set you up.

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Yeah, nothing about this felt right from the beginning, honestly. The fact that he threw in reasons of why he was able to buy it, then asked for evidence of purchase was a major red flag. The gun is illegal in his state because of the magazines, and as far as I know the pistol grip as well. Right there I'm an accessory to violating some bureaucratic bullshit law.

I'm honestly thinking I was being trolled by some alphabet-soup agency asshole. Once I mentioned doing it the legal way, he bailed. No surprise. Thanks for the input everyone! Big Grin
pinhead1979;173753 Wrote:I'm honestly thinking I was being trolled by some alphabet-soup agency asshole.

That has happened to me before. I put a Beretta .25 in the local paper only to have someone set up a meeting and then when it came time to do paperwork he says "Well, I don't want to go through all the FFL stuff. I just wanted this to take with me camping. Do I look like a terrorist to you?"
The unfiltered response he got from me was obviously not what he expected as I said " Go get fucked asshole, you called me up had me drive all the way across town only for you to pull this kind of bullshit?
I don't give a fuck if your the god damn governor, no FFL paperwork on a handgun means no deal...thanks for wasting my fucking time!"
At that point he said "good answer" and pulled out a BATFE badge.
He got some more verbal beat down beyond that where I a called him a spineless fuck a bunch of times hoping for a reaction so I could justify punching him in the face.
Yeah and the worst part is that you even have to worry about shit like this. They steal our fucking paychecks to pay for agencies that do nothing but troll us to lock us up for shit that shouldn't be illegal. And people still wonder why I'm a fucking anarchist.

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