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San Bernardino, CA Shooting Reported, 20 injured
Quote:Reports of 20 victims wounded in shooting in San Bernardino, California

San Bernardino Fire Department units were responding on Wednesday to reports that 20 people had been wounded in a shooting in that Southern California city, the department said in a tweet.

No further details on the incident were immediately available.
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Scanner radio traffic reporting possibly 3 shooters according to eyewitnesses.

Still ongoing.

I'm listening to "San Bernardino Police System 10" using the Scanner Radio Android app, you can listen to it by going to
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I'm getting tired of seeing these in my newsfeed.

I wonder if the media just covered these up for awhile, maybe the copycats would stay home?

Of course if these are set up to accomplish gun control, then that wouldn't work.
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Too bad they didn't have stricter gun control.

I really have a hard time feeling sorry for these people.
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Well....a SWAT team just so happened to be training nearby and was "ready to roll". Interesting. *Thinks about donning tin foil hat*
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I'm reserving full judgement, but this is a planned event. People in masks and body armor...this was not random, nor was it some 'nut job' like the guy last week.

This was a deliberate attack meant to send things into chaos.

There is no reason for this. Its awful, senseless, and pure evil.

It is also why we should NOT ban guns...allow people to protect themselves. Even if they aren't successful in stopping the bad least they had the chance.
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So with a massive manhunt underway for 3 perps still at large, how long before they start shooting out random pickup truck windows?
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Hide your kids. Hide your wife. And hide your husbands.....
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FNC said LEOs didn't enter the building until they were sure it was safe to. Once again, the police have no duty to protect you. This is why it is imperative to carry.
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Press conference, possibly 14 dead, 14 wounded, according the the SB police chief.

FBI not ruling out a terrorist attack.

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