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Save a life! Surrender a knife!
UK police are trying to get people to willingly surrender their knives now. They talk about how people even turned in *gasp* machetes! I suppose nobody in the UK does their own yard maintenance anymore. How can you go from an anti-gun person and then a few years later become an anti-knife person and not feel like a fucking dunce?
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Emoticon;157029 Wrote:How can you go from an anti-gun person and then a few years later become an anti-knife person and not feel like a fucking dunce?

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This isn't a new thing. Carrying weapons in public has been illegal there as long as I can remember. I was over there....a long time ago, and my first day in London, I had a pocketknife taken from me by one their cops, who told me the only reason I wasn't being arrested was because as an American, I probably was unfamiliar with the laws there. He also lectured me on carrying weapons, and that there was no need to do so; that's what the police are for.

In the few weeks I was there, I saw more street violence than I ever saw firsthand in NYC over the course of a year. Beatings, stabbings/slashings, armed robberies, a guy getting thrown out of a window, bludgeonings, et cetera.

This latest push surrounding knives is do to the fact that stabbings/slashings have been steadily increasing since the gun ban. Department stores aren't even allowed to sell traditional kitchen knives; companies are being pressured to produce round tipped, "stab-free" chef's knives, and non-locking folding knives.

So, yeah, I had a cheap flea market tactical knife taken from me. Good thing I still had a Cold Steel Voyager in thee other pocket, and a bunch of other knives in my backpack.
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