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SBR thread.
Whelp, finally put together my SBR and took it to the range this morning. She's freaking sweet! Perfect for what I wanted..., home defense and SHTF. I don't need/want a black rifle that is capable of long distance shooting. In fact, if Sig ever releases the MPX, I'm getting rid of this and going with that.

Anyway, she's basically a Sig P556 upper, mated to a Sig 556 lower. All I added was a Troy Battle Rail, Troy Micro sites, a Magpul AFG and rail covers, and a Vortex flash hider.

I was holding off on getting a red dot to see how the irons did, and they were just fine, but I think I definitely need to equip her with a red dot for my intended purposes.

My pics are terrible, but they give you the idea.

Here's the Elite Survival Systems covert carry case. I know some say that a case like this "screams gun" to them, and I have no doubt that it does, but I'm not so sure to the typical sheeple walking about.

[Image: P1010040_zps90cc0598.jpg]

Here's what it looks like opened up. There is a velcro patch under the lid, and they sell many different magazine options that stick to it. I chose the 3x2 30 round AR mag pouches. 2 PMAGs fit snugly in each pouch.

[Image: P1010041_zps1177919a.jpg]

The thing that I like most about this case, is the dozens of strap down options. Each of those velcro straps can be placed in many different locations for a custom tie down system for your guns. As an added touch, they have a little piece of velcro that sticks to the strap mounting points to keep them from moving around.

[Image: P1010042_zps86b4839d.jpg]

Here she is unfolded on the bench. The grip has a little compartment, which is perfect for stashing a copy of my tax stamp.

[Image: P1010045_zps104e5adf.jpg]

Folded on the bench.

[Image: P1010046_zps11dd0646.jpg]

A closer look at the fore end stuff.

[Image: P1010047_zps133aca37.jpg]

That's it. Let's see yours.

[Image: pafoasig.png]
Love it!

Here's my "get out of my house" gun

[Image: 1052150_484616914949356_794226701_o.jpg]
The law? The law is a human institution...
Here are my short guns, SBR PS90 on top:

[Image: 4D638665-B510-4BB8-9C1B-60ED402DD126-803...A9CF34.jpg]
Every time I see a pic of your MAC it makes me want to buy one. Still torn between that or an UZI whenever I take the plunge.
The law? The law is a human institution...
I love the Mad Max shottie there Bacon! A buddy of mine has something similar with a thigh holster rig.
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