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School me on the CZ 2075 Rami
I've been thinking about tax return firearm purchases, and I'm leaning towards a subcompact, for when I need to conceal. I've got a couple of different models in mind: a 1911 Officer's model, a snubbie, Keltecs, etcetera. I was considering the XDs .45ACP, but I think I'll pass, due to th recall.

I'm familiar with all these guns, but someone mentioned the CZ to me awhile back. I have zero experience with them, but they have an excellent reputation. Anyone own one, specifically the RAMI? Anything I should know, as far as problems? Aftermarket parts? Accessories? Customer service? Thanks.
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Maybe you should have asked if anyone thinks they are gay?
Emptymag;129399 Wrote:Maybe you should have asked if anyone thinks they are gay?

Seriously. God forbid I start an actual fireams related thread on a gun forum.
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Well, since there's nothing else to talk about, I think the name is gay.

Maybe I should go to a gay forum and ask gun questions.
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I shot the metal framed Rami a few years back. Back then it came in metal or polymer. It also used to come with either a manual safety or a decock instead. Tried to buy one back then in metal and manual safety but they were in short supply so I moved on to something else.
I really like it.
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So, no one on a gun forum talks about guns anymore? Come on, guys. Sad
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Bud's has them for $541 + free shipping. I looked into this pistol last year. I really wanted one but the only reason I didn't get it was because they were impossible to find at the time. I wanted something small for concealed carry but with a hammer. Out of 5 reviews on Bud's website, all of them gave it 5 out of 5 stars. CZs are really great pistols. I just think they are a little overpriced because people are starting to realize how great they are and supply of them is now harder to get.
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I'm trying to find the thread (surprisingly difficult on an ipad) but I asked about this gun or one much like it from the same company here a while back and it was recommended as a good gun, with good value.

Let me look for it some more, or someone else might beat me to it.
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Here's your gun: CZ 2075 RAMI BD cal. 9mm Luger, black polycoat, decocker, 3 dot sights 91754.

I put this link up because Budsters is out of it right now and CZs usually take a while to get when they're out of stock.

I don't own this particular CZ but I have a couple others in the safe and they are great, great guns. Well made, accurate, I would go for it.
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