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School me on the CZ 2075 Rami
Thread necromancy!

I went to Gun Toter's Supply in Eynon the other day. My Taurus 1911 has had the same two sets of grips since I first bought it almost a decade ago, and configured it was time for an upgrade, so I decided to buy a set of VZ grips for it.

Talking to the owner, Mike, I noticed he had a used CZ RAMI behind the counter. It looked a little different than the one I picked up and held previously. Turns out, that one had aftermarket grips on it. This one had factory grips, and was waaaaaay more comfortable to hold.

I thanked him, handed it back, and continued to try out different grips for the 1911. I was about to ask him if he had screws and bushing for the trip, because I hate the Allen key screws. I found myself looking at the CZ again, then I asked, "How much for it?"

"This one is used, so I can do $400 for it. Comes with its original paperwork and case. Only one mag, though, but I can order you up an extended mag and call you when it comes in."

"I'll take it. Shit. Hahaha...I wasn't planning on buying a whole gun today."

I returned home, carrying two different gun cases. Molly was sitting in the living room, and I immediately said, "I'm sorry." She burst into laughter. "Did you buy a new gun?"

"Well, technically, it's used."

"So when you said you were buying new grips, you failed to mention they'd be on an entirely different gun. Did you even get the 1911 grips?"

" Hahaha"

I love that I don't have to justify buying a new gun, or try and hide it or downplay what I paid for it. News guns are always welcome in this house.

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One of these days come home with a motorcycle and see if it goes that smooth. Big Grin
P89;172946 Wrote:Congrats!

One of these days come home with a motorcycle and see if it goes that smooth. Big Grin

She honestly wouldn't care too much. If I brought home a quad, she'd claim it as her own, LOL.
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Zip tie?
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Mr_Gixxer;173804 Wrote:Zip tie?

Yep. I started doing that years ago, I call it the "Ghetto Wave," LOL.
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Thread necro:

Two years and 2,000 rounds later, I still love this gun. Not a single failure in all this time.
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