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School Shooting in Oregon

New school shooting. One student dead, and the shooter. No report on how the shooter died.

Schools are becoming a free for all zone. We have GOT to begin arming the school staff. When will people figure this out? Criminals will ALWAYS get guns.
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right on que

It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
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I read when the police were clearing the building another student was armed and taken into custody. What the hell is going on with these people? I think the whole zero tolerance policy builds up so much tension these kids snap. When I went to school bullies were few and far between because you could stick up for yourself and fight back, yea you got a 1 day suspension but it was done and over with. My older brothers went to Catholic school in the 50's and when two kids had an issue the Principle (A priest) would take them outside and let them fight it out, then they had to shake hands. No one in their school brought in weapons and after the fight it was water under the bridge. What changed that these kids bring weapons in? Maybe its a lack of coping skills? Heres the link that reports "another person" had a gun.
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Kids with issues these days have a lot of strikes against them:
  • They've grown up in a country that's been at war their whole lives
  • The darker side of "support our troops" has given a degree of prestige to the "warrior" that maybe these youngsters aren't quite ready to process yet; they don't understand what real violence and war is, and all they see are the nifty rifles and uniforms
  • We prime the pump of destructive fantasy with first person shooter video games, which are probably just fine--- if you don't have a screw loose already
  • The whole anti-gun movement has created an unwarranted mystique around firearms, like the "forbidden fruit" or a sign that says "don't touch."
  • Nobody seems to feel that it's "their job" to intervene in the life of a kid who shows obvious distress. There are both laws and "helicopter parents" empowered to get between kids who need help and the help they need
Every time one of things happen, people regurgitate all of the signs and indications that were ignored, not acted upon, and how the system broke down. Point your finger at someone and go "bang" and you're expelled. Show obvious signs of psycho-social distress, and they'll just let you slide into oblivion.
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