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Seattle Police Leave AR-15 Gun Unattended, on Top of a Police Car- Citizens Take Pict
Citizens took a picture of an AR-15 lying on top of a police car in Seattle, completely unattended, possibly loaded. Arming people who cannot hold the job if they have too high of an IQ, is probably a bad idea (yes, people literally cannot become police if they have too high IQ’s). - See more at:
Didn't that actually happen like 2 years ago?

streaker69;112698 Wrote:Didn't that actually happen like 2 years ago?


Stupidity is timeless. Big Grin
Who was OC'ing that AR and set the photo up to get those cops in trouble? Big Grin

I had guard duty for 2 weeks prior to my MOS school starting at Camp Lejeune. I left my M16 leaning against a wall for 2 minutes in a room full of fellow Marines while I went to the head to relieve myself before going out to my post to start my watch at 1:00am and freeze my balls off in the middle of the woods in mid February. When I returned and found the rifle gone I nearly had a heart attack. Lucky for me the Corporal of the Guard had taken it. They threatened to have me court marshaled, but I think they knew I'd learned my lesson from the paleness in my face. Needless to say I have never left a weapon unattended or out of my control since.
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You wouldn't be able to run as many people over with that car if it didn't drive as far. It should only have a 10 gallon fuel tank.
If one of my Soldier's left a weapon or didn't have physical control 24/7, they just about got killed.
12 Mile road marches every day after work for a week. Hours upon hours of PT in full MOPP gear.
My favorite, tying a 50 cal receiver to a Soldier with 550 cord for a few days. Sure does suck trying to piss, shit, eat, or do anything with a 50-60 lb chunk of metal hanging off ya plus all of your regular gear.

Now I lay me to sleep, beside my bed a Glock I keep. If I wake & find you inside, Coroner's van will be your next ride.
Hmmm...maybe they'd prefer a Texas rifle holder? (details)
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