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Security window films
Pretty cool stuff. You just put this plastic film over the glass on your windows and they behave now like tempered glass on steroids. I've know this exists for a while, but I assumed it was too expensive. I started looking into it and it's really not as bad as I thought and there are several companies making it now. This would be amazing to have to buy you time to get ready during an attempted break in or an WROL scenario just another 5 seconds of time to get ready could mean life or death. I probably wouldn't put it on the 2nd floor just in case there were ever a fire and the firemen might need to knock out the windows and no burglar with a brain is ever going to attempt to break in that way, but its pretty amazing stuff if you've never seen it. I think I'll probably use this on my own house:
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Shearer Security Devises out of Harrisburg Pa offers it and it isnt cheap. you have to buy rolls of the material instead of a smaller amount of sheets. it is very effective in slowing things down but its not fullproff. you can get clear as well as tinted film. it also comes in several thicknesses
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