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Seeking info on Belgian rifle
Unfortunately, my father's brother died in a car accident in 1964 before I was born. My Dad took possession of his rifle and its been sitting in the back of my Dad's closet ever since. I know he takes it out once in a blue moon and oils it, but it's not been fired in nearly 50 years.

I don't know much about hunting rifles, so hoping you all can advise me. The rifle is a 30.06 built in 1958 and is stamped with "fab.nat.d'armes de guerre herstal." I googled that and found it's a Belgian manufacturer, but little else. The scope is a Leupold M17 made in USA.

Appears to be in good condition. No rust, and the bolt/breach look good to my untrained eye. Just curious about its manufacture, reputation, estimated worth or any other useful info. Does it appear to have a Mauser bolt action?" There's a removable metal plate below the breach that I'm thinking can be removed to insert a magazine, but without, it looks like it wouldn't hold more than a single cartridge at a time. Also, seems pretty heavy. I imagine it's designed to shoot from prone or off blocks? Thanks in advance.

[Image: Rifle_B_zpsd626d145.jpg]

[Image: Rifle_A_zps1a3cedb0.jpg]

[Image: Rifle_D_zps8b10d2a4.jpg]

[Image: Rifle_C_zps96048f5d.jpg]
[Image: sigban.jpg]

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Blurry, but it looks similar to a Mauser action to my non-expert eyes.

Beautiful wood.

The Mausers have a "plate that opens". I believe they hold around 5 rounds.

It's heavy because back then, rifles were heavy.
Stand up and shoot like a man! LOL!

(I used to carry a Mauser for deer hunting when I was a kid and I always thought it was heavy)
FN built Mausers, both military and civilian before, during and after WW2. It looks like a commercial FN Mauser. A lot of people were sporterizing surplus Mausers but there was still a market for ready made sporting rifles based on the Mauser 98 action. It should be listed in the Blue Book of Gun Values.
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