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Segregated field trip

Quote:Parents criticized Indiana school officials Thursday for a trip planned to local colleges that was only offered to black third-graders, ABC 57 reported.

School officials defended the trip, saying the outing sends a positive message to black students who may believe the prospect of college is out of reach.

"We take them to a college campus, have them meet African-American students, modeling the idea that as a black person, college is a great place," Dr. G. David Moss, the head of the African-American services at the South Bend Community Schools Corporation, told the station.

Can you imagine how much trouble Indiana would be in had this been only white THIRD GRADERS (?!) visiting a college? The whole world would have boycotted them.
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Typical double standard but its OK because they are black. Lets start a United Caucasian College Fund and see how that goes over. The more shit they do like this the further the gap widens and that is just one reason racism on both sides will NEVER go away.
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Quote:Dr. G. David Moss, the head of the African-American services

Is there a head of Caucasian services at this school?
streaker69;164642 Wrote:
Quote:Dr. G. David Moss, the head of the African-American services

Is there a head of Caucasian services at this school?

Im going with "no", because that would be extremely racist, apparently.
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I get soooo tired of the "crimes of white people" being spattered all over the media day in and day out...while the "unjustices towards white people" are effectively covered up and treated as a non-issue. I don't see why we can't just treat "injustices to all people" fairly. I don't really think any third grader needs to visit a college, personally, but if they're going to visit a college....well, all kids need to go to college. And it's the parents' job to push their kids in education. For schools to assume black parents cannot handle this task is, again, forcing them to stay "on the plantation" as if they will never be good parents. The more parenting the government does for minorities, the more they will grow up thinking that's how life is supposed to be...and the dysfunction will never go away.

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Equal but better... it's in the Constitution ya know! </sarcasm>
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