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Sen. Vulakovich's disappointing response
Below is the disappointing response I got from Senator Vulakovich. To me, the second paragraph and beginning of the 3rd don't reflect someone who's a strong supporter and defender of my Second Amendment rights. AngryAngry I particularly don't like the I'm-a-former-LEO reasoning, either.

I thought the NRA and FOAC backed him in the special election held last summer (after Jane Orie's resignation). This district will be "moved"/eliminated, so I don't think he'll be running for that seat again. But, in regards to any other office, I don't think Sen. Vulakovich is someone who will be getting my vote again.

Thank you for your correspondence stating your support for eliminating the State’s practice of keeping sales records of hand guns purchased by individuals in Pennsylvania.

As you may be aware, in 2002, the Commonwealth Court rendered a decision in the Allegheny County Sportsmen’s League’s lawsuit against the Pennsylvania State Police keeping a registry of firearms owners. The court agreed with the Pennsylvania State Police that state law does not prohibit the PSP from keeping a record of sale database because the record of sale database does not contain all firearms owned by gun owners in Pennsylvania, thus it does not constitute a “registry of firearm ownership”.

I certainly appreciate your views on this issue; however, as a former law enforcement officer, I don’t see the need at this time for a repeal of a system that has been in place since 1932. That being said, I will continue to monitor how this system is being utilized. Should abuse be found, my mind on this issue is subject to change.

In the meantime, I will be very protective against any legislation that I judge as violating the spirit of the 2nd Amendment. We must be vigilant against any gun-control measures that merely create an illusion that passing a specific law will solve all our problems; and with that passage we can feel safe and secure that the “bad guys”, the evil people, the people with mental illness will not be able to “carry out” their tragic plans of death, pain and human suffering. There has always been, and forever will be, debate about the constitution, our freedoms, and our protections of our country. It is one of those things that make our country and its citizens so unique in the greatest government ever created.

However, during this time of challenge to the 2nd Amendment, we must increase our resolve to protect that “right”, but at the same time realize that emotions run high when lives are extinguished, hearts are broken, desires to explain these tragedies are insatiable, and some type of punishment is demanded. This is human nature and those emotions are evident and understandable in all of us when we think of all those poor children, all their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters and neighbors (etc.) who have a huge hole in their hearts that no one on earth can ever fill. Only God can help them with that most horrible infliction. We must give them their time and space for mourning, healing and conversation with God. We must grant time for those emotions to run their course; it is part of human nature.

When it comes to a proper time for clear and guided debate, the proponents and opponents will meet and most likely clash. There is always a time and place for the emotions of our human nature to “play-out”. There is time for sorrow of the heart and time for the zeal to promote or oppose a cause. Let us do the “American thing”. Let us give each their time. It’s the American way.

Senator Randy Vulakovich
I am a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I will protect it.
I\'m armed, proud to be a member of since Dec 2012.
"should abuse be found..."

Oh, you mean like calling in a serial number to check "registration"?

I found the abuse for him.
This will be the best security for maintaining our liberties. A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the religion of ignorance that tyranny begins. -Ben Franklin
Um how about the 1990s letter from the doj that told pa that they were violating federal law by keeping sales information longer than federal law allowed!

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