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From where a discussion of open carry on SEPTA was going on, a person representing themselves as the Cheif of the Transit Police reports:

GlockLover;2412522 Wrote:Hopefully, this will resolve the swirl of confusion and angst regarding the carrying of firearms on SEPTA vehicles and properties.

In decades past, the police have been accustomed to handling persons carrying firearms as a threat to public safety. Recently, the tide has turned and the police have become educated on the rights afforded by the 2nd Amendment. This has created a need to change operational procedures and more importantly, the way a police officer thinks when s/he sees a person armed with a gun.

At SEPTA, a negative contact with a citizen lawfully carrying a firearm prompted the training of every police supervisor on the law as it pertains to open carry in PA. Each supervisor was then required to return to his/her unit and train the officers with the same material.

Last Saturday, a protest occurred in downtown Philadelphia during which approximately 100 citizens lawfully displayed their firearms. I worked that day to verify that our officers were aware of the guidelines that had been adopted by the Transit Police Department. There were contacts between the Transit Police and citizens carrying firearms which were as a result of calls to 911 for a person carrying a gun. The stops occurred exactly as they were expected to with the officer asking for the citizen's concealed carry permit and documenting the investigatory stop. None of the persons stopped by the Transit Police complained about the way that they were approached or investigated.

Since Saturday, I have been made aware of a call to SEPTA's customer service inquiring about the Authority's regulations regarding the carrying of firearms on SEPTA property. The caller spoke to a SEPTA employee who did not know if a regulation existed regarding firearms on the property. That employee contacted a civilian Transit Police dispatcher who recommended that the caller contact L&I. This was bad guidance on the part of the dispatcher and a failure on my part to ensure that our civilian staff receive the same training as the police officers. Little did I think that our civilians would somehow become involved in the open carry issue.

Each dispatcher has been scheduled for training to educate them on this issue. In the meantime, I can completely clear up whether a citizen can carry a firearm on SEPTA property. At this time, there is no SEPTA regulation prohibiting non-employees from carrying a firearm on the property or vehicles as long as the State law is being followed. A citizen, who can lawfully possess a firearm, can open carry that firearm on any of the SEPTA properties or vehicles within the borders of Philadelphia if that person possesses a concealed carry permit. Outside of Philadelphia, a citizen who can lawfully possess a firearm only needs a concealed carry permit to carry a firearm on SEPTA vehicles. No permit is necessary to open carry on a SEPTA property outside of Philadelphia.

If anyone has any further questions or problems with the Transit Police, please feel free to email me. I am committed to ensuring that our department adheres to the provisions of the 2nd Amendment.

Chief Thomas Nestel
SEPTA Transit Police Department
I give Chief Nestel credit for releasing that statement. Chalk this one up for what's right.
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Props to da Chief! And thanks to all the forum members who had a hand in getting this statement.

Sober - since you were kind enough to bring this over here, would you like to make it a stickie in the CC/OC section?
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Thanks for posting, Bill. Big Grin
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I had good dealing with the Chief about my encounter over oc last year. I think he understands it a bit better than some of the top cops of most big city forces. He personly communicated with me after I sent him an email.

BTW that citizen was me.
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