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Seriously contemplating getting started
The walnut lizard bedding works great, and is cheaper than buying the "reloading media". Same stuff, just my bag had a gecko on it.
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Pullers are cool , but if you do it right you will rarely pull.

Manuals are expensive and all you need to know if free on the web to load safely.

To reload to maximum's there, but it's a different story. Start here:

Click ME!

What you have heard is minutia. Nu-Finish car wax with corn cob bedding or fine grain walnut is best for tumbling under an hour. The wax lubes and helps protect against water and corrosion.....for cheap.

For accuracy....especially the rifle need to pay attention to working charges and seating depth. Bullets must be quality (sierra MK and the Nosler CC or BT are sure bets depending on twist). After that, it's sorting primers and bumping the shoulder a 1-2 thousandths. With that you can get most ANYTHING to shoot sub moa.

I prefer a beam scale over the digital. I can see more sensitivity.

You don't need a lot of money. My best loads are on the single stage.
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Just come over to my place. I don't have as much time to reload, but you are welcome to come over.
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