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Shaker Siphon
This one kind of fits into fuel and water so I will put it here.

I had this one in my favorites files....when I found this several years ago, I kicked myself on its simplicity and why I didn't think of it.

So you have a well, but no pop the cap and can see the water several feet down the well can you fill up a water container? Same thing for an underground fuel tank that may have fuel left in it.

No fancy pump to lug massive lengths of pipe.....just tubing that can be rolled up and a little brass shaker siphon on the end.

Hopkins Shaker Siphon

Another one

Super Jiggler

There are other brands, but I have a few of the Hopkins ones myself, sportsmans guide currently has them on sale....3 for $18. Most hardware stores have spools of tubing.

This gadget works great as a regular siphon....but with the check valve it will draw water up to you as long as you quickly move it up and down so it will actually work like a pump.

I have tried this out with my own well to see how easy/hard it would be. The biggest pain in the ass is the tubing at the end tends to curl up, so I taped a weight onto the end to keep the tubing from coiling up, I was able to fill up a 1 gallon jug in about 10 minutes, but I had to move my arm up and down a foot or so and make sure the assembly down below wasn't coming out of the water on the upstroke. My arm was getting tired, but it does work and will bring up water or light fuels from a pretty good depth.

There are several youtube videos out there also showing how to use one.

Hope this helps someone.Smile
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I have the simple siphons. These things can be very useful.
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I have the smaller one 2 actually they work great!Wink
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