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SHARK Drone Shot down
Flying Camera From Animal Rights Group Shot Down at Pigeon Shoot

Quote:SHARK claimed “a single sharp rifle crack rang out,” in a press release sent out on Monday. The group says the camera’s video feed was terminated and the drone went out of control before it was manually brought down. The gunshot caused around $4,000 in damage to the camera, according to SHARK.

Looks like a shotgun blast to me.

[Image: Pigeon-Shoot-Embed.jpg]
I would have to agree, if a single shot was heard then it was a shotgun for sure.
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billamj;43835 Wrote:I would have to agree, if a single shot was heard then it was a shotgun for sure.

Just looking at the picture, had to be a shotgun.

I'm a decent shot with a rifle, but I would be hard pressed to hit a flying target like that.

Besides, looks like bird shot.
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It's a darn shame that shotguns don't leave rifling on the pellets for tracing purposes.

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Good shot and the kid in me finds it downright funny.

But here's a question for everyone, is there a crime here? So if your property is on my property without my permission, do I get to do with it as I please?

And if no, am I allowed to hover a drone over your back deck when you're eating dinner or having a party?

I don't know the laws here but find this interesting, especially with the proliferation of these little creations.
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"What drone? It looked like a pigeon to me."
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What did the protesters expect, really? I would have done the same thing. I would hope that it wasn't a crime, and the protesters are just out 4k.
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You'd think they'd get the point after their first drone was shot down in Jan 2011..

Steve Hindi is fuckin' retarded. There are better ways to support his cause than the stupid crap he does.

In one of his videos he goes up to a hunter walking down a trail and starts making fun of the hunters education and then gets his ass beat by the hunter if I remember correctly. Then of course he edits the video to make it seem like the hunter was the 'bad guy' in the confrontation.

Also, him and his people just stand out on the berm of the road outside of pigeon shoots and zoom in on peoples faces and license plates with they're cameras as they drive into the entrance of the shoot and then he wonders why every once and a while someone gets pissed off and swerves at him.

Dumb asses.
Whoopity fuckin' doo, they're shooting rats with wings. Why does anyone care?
streaker69;43908 Wrote:Whoopity fuckin' doo, they're shooting rats with wings. Why does anyone care?

They're just nutty extremists I guess..

They'd probably rather see a person shot than one of those birds.


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