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Sharon, PA Homeowner: ‘Thank God I had the gun’
Quote:SHARON — While sitting on his couch Monday afternoon, Pete Delli Bovi heard a “boom” at his door, followed by several more and saw wood flying as the bottom of the door was broken.

He grabbed his .38-caliber revolver and fired, hitting a would-be burglar in the groin and testicles at the doorstop of his Malleable Street home.

“Thank God I had the gun,” Delli Bovi said Wednesday.


Quote:“What the heck? It’s 3 o’clock in the day, is somebody trying to kill me?” Delli Bovi said he thought.


The 58-year-old disabled man said he didn’t want whoever was at his door to make it inside his home.


Delli Bovi fired his gun in self defense and Sharon police Chief Mike Menster said police won’t be charging him with anything.

“This is an occupational hazard of being a burglar – eventually, you’re going to go into the wrong house and you’re going to get hurt,” Menster said.

This isn't far from one of my jobs. Glad the guy is okay and that the SPD isn't charging him. They're quite anti-gun.

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