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Sharyl Attkisson Shares Update On Computer Hacking Investigation
The Stasi would have loved today's technology

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Just days after CBS News confirmed that reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s computer had indeed been hacked, Attkisson spoke to Dom Giordano about the investigation.

“This suspicious activity has been going on for quite some time – both on my CBS computer and my personal computer,” Attkisson said. “CBS then hired its own independent cyber security firm, which has been conducting a thorough forensic exam … they were able to rule out malware, phishing programs, that sort of thing.”

Attkisson described some of the bizarre things that were happening with her computer.

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“There were just signs of unusual happenings for many months, odd behavior like the computers just turning themselves on at night and then turning themselves back off again. I was basically able to verify and obtain information from my sources on the suspicious activity and I reported it to CBS News in January because of course it included CBS equipment and systems.”

Attkisson could not speak about whether the hacking was related to her questions about Benghazi because of “legal counsel,” but she did say her work at that time was primarily on the occurrence.

“Whoever was in my work computer, the only thing I was working on were work-related things with CBS were big stories I guess during the time period in questions were I guess Benghazi and ‘Fast and Furious.’ The intruders did have access to personal information including passwords to my financial accounts and so on, but didn’t tamper with those, so they weren’t interested in stealing my identity or doing things to my finances. So people can decide on their own what they might have been trying to do in there.”

When asked how she felt about being hacked, Attkisson had this to say:

“Even apart from this specific incident with my computers … I operate as though someone is looking at what I do, just because that’s the safest thing,” Attkisson said. “While it’s upsetting to have that sort of intrusion done, it’s also not that unexpected.”

Attkisson also confirmed that the investigation is still ongoing, and that she still has questions about the way the Benghazi incident was handled.

“We’re continuing to move forward aggressively, CBS News takes this very seriously, as do I. I think whenever an unauthorized party comes into the home of an American, whether it’s any private citizen or journalist and gets in their house, searches their computers — these are computers my family uses — and they’re inserting or removing material for whatever their reasons are, I think that’s a really serious and disturbing matter and we’re gonna follow it up and keep pursuing it.”
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Was sitting here watching CNN.

Snowden released more documents showing the NSA is using windows operating system pop-ups, misdirecting web traffic to false web pages, and intercepting actual computer shipments to install spyware.

1984 here we come.
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MrPeanut;130042 Wrote:Was sitting here watching CNN.

Snowden released more documents showing the NSA is using windows operating system pop-ups, misdirecting web traffic to false web pages, and intercepting actual computer shipments to install spyware.

1984 here we come.

We passed 1984 quite a while ago.
Think people would take it more serious if we blamed the NSA for the missing start button in Windows 8?
The law? The law is a human institution...
I don't think many have actually read 1984 Shrug

A crappy police state run by a even half decent dictator would have whacked her before anything was reported.
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Dave;130051 Wrote:I don't think many have actually read 1984 Shrug

A crappy police state run by a even half decent dictator would have whacked her before anything was reported.

I've read it. It's a lot cheaper and requires much less force to acclimate people to a soft police state over time than it does to foist it on people. It's no secret that people in the White House plotted to kill Jack Anderson during Nixon's time so it's not as if it's beyond them. That and you can only have so many people meet mysterious ends or have kiddie porn or something of the sort magically materialize on someone's computer. Heart attacks of seemingly healthy people, cars explode, people shoot themselves in the head twice in an "apparent suicide", one guy turned up dead in a landfill across town here in Wilmington... Maybe none of them were the government, maybe some actually were, who knows? We sure as hell won't know. To the government it doesn't matter when it's being attributed to you either way and someone a little too high profile goes belly up like Snowden, or Assange the people will believe that the government pulled the trigger or if a bunch of lower profile people meet mysterious ends in too short a time span, the risk is too high. The only reason Snowden hasn't vanished is because him vanishing right now would not be in the government's best interest for the time being in spite of the damage he's doing. I'm 100% certain the day he went public with his info the government dedicated a task force to figure out exactly what cards and the hand he's holding and whether they could take the beating. The people still have lots of questions about JFK and haven't 100% bought it no matter what the truth actually was. What difference does it make anyway when the media is willing to accept a status quo whereby the dear leader is allowed to constantly field the questions he will be asked ahead of time?

The people will believe whatever the narrative is that is concocted for them because after an education system that brainwashes people to always think of America as being the blue team "good guys" instead of the gray team it really is more often than not in a lot of things that don't make the headlines (c'mon there are photos of high profile people in government today that are shaking hands with dictators we put in positions of power and then later turned on). Most people are so committed to the notion of what we are taught in school that they are unwilling to accept that our government is doing and has done some verifiable really fucked up shit. Not too long ago I was telling co-workers about the fact that people in congress were insider trading legally. Everyone at my office refused to believe it until I dug the paper out of the trash and showed them the highlighted WSJ clipping. That's the biggest thing our government has going for it right now, people don't want to believe America sometimes aren't always the good guys we like to imagine. When that white knight illusion is finally broken they want us to be past the point of no return. To clarify, I don't imagine most people in government / armed forces as sadistic fucks, but a lot of the people that matter and have pull in our world today are fucking psychopaths and tyrants that leverage the good intentions of suggestible people.

[Image: Rumsfeld-Saddam_123983o.jpg]

^----Fun Fact: The US government gave that man access to our spy satellite network and in the process helped him to gas thousands of his own people while he was still our "friend". The icing on the cake is we fucking knew he was doing it at the time too!
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