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SHOCK: Two-Thirds May Not Insure Under Obamacare... Cheapest Plan $20,000 Per Family.

There's no assurance folks will be buying insurance under Obamacare, and that could spell trouble for the Affordable Care Act.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans who currently lack health insurance don't know yet if they will purchase that coverage by the Jan. 1 deadline set by the ACA, a new survey revealed Monday.

And less than half of those in the survey released by think they'll get better health care after Obamacare takes full effect. Nearly 50 percent believe the ACA will make it more difficult for them to get tests and procedures done in a timely manner, according to the phone survey of 1,001 adult Americans conducted in early May.

And a whopping 68 percent of low-income Americans aren't sure they qualify for tax credits that would subsidize their purchase of health insurance—despite they fact that they almost invariably will qualify, the survey found. That population is most likely to benefit from government subsidies under the health-care reform law.
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We were trying to figure all this out for next year. Currently our healthcare is at the top range of affordability...if it goes up like they're saying, then it's gone.

We tried changing to a cheaper plan, but evidently the "preexisting conditions" allowance hasn't kicked in yet, and we were denied.

I looked into CHIP for the kids, but you have to be UNINSURED for six months first before they let you in that. So...that's out. Especially under Obamacare, when you're not ALLOWED to be uninsured.

So I have no clue what we are going to do next year. I can only hope either A. Miraculously our health care doesn't go up in price, or B. Obamacare miraculously gets repealed.
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This is a cluster fuck by design, total confusion will lead to anger from the public, this will lead to the need for a simple, one size fits all insurance mandate, UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE, taxs will go up on everything, that which was not taxed, will be in the name of a simple plan, and the people will issued a medical card, issued by the government, no co-pay, no paper work, just show the card and get your treatment.

It's coming folks, you can't stop it, we will be joining the rest of the industrialized countries in having single payer health care.
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