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Shooting Ranges
Where does one shoot in this county? SGLs, private ranges, etc.
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I've shot on empty now-logged lots. My mom has a place right on 125 outside of Tremont that has pretty big pieces of land that have been logged. They are owned by the coal plant on 209 and they haven't had an issue with us shooting on the property. I also have access to private land on the NSP site. No official ranges, though. Big Grin
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I go to the Tulpehocken Rifle and Pistol Club. Annual dues are $30-35

Two locations. One off Rt 443 East of Pine Grove with a steel pistol range, a 25 yard pistol range and a 200 yd rifle range.

The other is on Mollytown Rd off Rt 125 near the Rt 81 exit. Underdeveloped at this time but with the capability to have a 600 yd rifle range.
We are making stickies for each county's LTCF info, anyone care to put that together in a new thread?

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