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Shooting Technique
First, the obligatory apologies if this is in the wrong place. Still getting used to the new forum's layout.

My wife and son love to shoot with me out at the range, and it's a great way for us to relax and spend some time as a family. With handguns she does really quite well, but she's a well-endowed woman and has trouble shouldering longarms, which causes both accuracy and recoil management issues. Does anyone have any large-chested wives/girlfriends, or perhaps firsthand experience and are able to give some tips on the proper shoulder positioning for someone of her body type?

Thanks guys.
Same principles apply, it is very important for a large chested (or light weight) woman/person to lean into the weapon if it is a large caliber, to counter the effects of the recoil. Once all that boobie mass gets moving backwards, it can overcome the shooters balance and affect aim and follow up shots.

But the gun is still mounted in the same place- in the hollow or "crooK" of your shoulder.
If she's holding the gun properly, a large boob shouldn't be in the way. My wife is a pretty small girl with unusually large... Um... "assets" and she hasn't had issues. Shoulder goes on one side of the stock, boob stays on the other. When the gun discharges, it should come straight back into the "pocket" without any boob getting in the way. And really stress to her that she needs to lean forward into the gun and place her feet properly.
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I do keep reminding her to lean into the gun. Like most female shooters I've introduced to longarms she has a tendency to lean back. You've got a good point on the fact that it's a lot of mass to counteract, Val: she's a 32 FF! I think I'll get her more accustomed to leaning into recoil and finding a good feel for the pocket at a bench first. It's not easy to visually identify the right spot under all that.
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I would say to go to an Appleseed Program.

Oh, and my ex wife was a 44 Double D and could shot my rifle. (She had a breast reduction for medical reasons. She is now 38 D.)
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