Poll: Which long gun would you choose to fill as many needs as possible?
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AR-15 (any model in 5.56)
8 44.44%
Shotgun (any model, any action)
10 55.56%
Total 18 vote(s) 100%
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Shotgun or AR
If you could have only one long gun, would it be a shotgun or an AR? Either decision can be any model. This would be for everything from range toy, hunting (assume semi auto hunting is allowed), home defense, truck gun, etc.

If you would like discuss how you got to your decision. Also make sure you vote above, but think it through first.
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AR for me. More training and more confidence in my ability to operate the AR platform quickly and efficiently. I'll come back and vote properly from a PC later can't do it in Tapatalk.
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AR, more versatile and gives you long range shooting as opposed to the limited range a shotgun gives you.

And there seems to be more mods/gimmics/furniture for an AR which are more versatile. Shotguns have some too, but they're far more specific to the type of gun/make/model whereas an AR is pretty interchangeable across the board.
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AR. I'm very surgical with a shotgun. Well, as surgical as one can be with a shotgun, but the AR can have a larger ammo capacity, versatility, and flexibility. If you asked me to limit it down to which AR platform I'd have to go with the 10. 7.62x51 ftw!

Btw, I'll vote in the poll if I ever get to a laptop.
Going with the shotgun...just too many ammo variables.
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Shotgun here too. I have a good bit of shot and slugs. As for make and model...ithaca model 37 from the 60' disconnector
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If I had to choose one, it would be a shotgun. The versatility the firearm provides is unparraleled by any other when it comes to ammunition choices.
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If it's a TEOTWAWKI situation a shotgun will most likely outlive any AR. I'm pretty sure I could reload shells with just about anything I can find laying around with my bare hands and a few supplies. Don't think the same can be said about an AR.

Shotgun for me.
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No need to choose - you can have BOTH!

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I'm considering selling my AR to buy a Mossberg 590A1. The majority of ranges near me only go out to 25 yards, but a few go out to 100 yards. Right now the area I live in is half urban and half suburban (think outskirts of a city), but within a year or so I'll probably be living in a suburban area that is also somewhat "country-ish".

I understand the versatility, capacity, and longer range accuracy of an AR, but I also like the power, recoil (in terms of "fun factor"), durability, and ammo choices (bird to buck shot, less lethal to slugs) of a shotgun.

Yes, I know the perfect solution is to get both, but unfortunately the financially responsible part of me would rather sell a gun to buy a gun. Unfortunately, my money would better be spent on an old farm house with land and an engagement ring. ......I'm getting old Angel

Emptymag;158374 Wrote:No need to choose - you can have BOTH!

[Image: raac-mka1919-12-gauge-ar-15-style-shotgu...f-jams.jpg]

I was actually looking at that (not with the intentions to buy it), but the magazines are very expensive.
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