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Shotgun review - Old faithful...
I recently realized how much this shotgun and I have gone through. It was a hand me down which I started hunting with as a kid but as I upgraded over the years I've still never dreamed of getting rid of it.
It's been used as a canoe paddle, walking stick, tent pole, lever, snow shovel, and occasionally...a shotgun. On top of all that it has also been completely plugged with mud and frozen solid.

Such a shotgun must be something really special right?
To go through that kind of abuse and still function!

Not really.

It's a Sears Model 21 Ted Williams 12ga. made by Hi-standard.
[Image: IMAG0349_zps6d6a63da.jpg]

Look at that awesome engraving and engine turned bolt!
[Image: IMAG0355_zps04eff347.jpg]

The highly advanced all in one choke system to eliminate the need for changing out chokes. However, it kinda patterns the same no matter where you adjust it to. Years of shooting steel out of it probably doesn't help much either.
[Image: IMAG0357_zps04574326.jpg]

I can't say much more for it other than for what it's been through it still works...and this dog still hunts ducks & other game in the hands of my kids. That's priceless, and that's why I wrote this short review on a shotgun that everyone thinks is junk but deserves a spot in my safe. Cool
IMO, if it still gets the job done, it's a good gun.
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I agree. I have a few Sears models and one stamped Western Auto. Most of these are just Marlins or Winchesters and such stamped with whatever retailers wanted on them. If you know what to look for most of these can be picked up super cheap because everyone turns their nose at them. Shrug

I really do prefer my BPS or the A5 but this isn't about them Big Grin
I carried a jc higgins bolt action 16 gauge shotgun for years while small game hunting. I also had a Winchester model 37 single shot 12 gauge that got drug though he'll and back.
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