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My DKW Sand Shark.

[Image: 106_1117.jpg]
arjohnson, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.
To go with my POGN, a POGN L. About 3/4" longer overall.

[Image: POGNL.jpg]
Picked this up yesterday, new EsKaBar, Esee/Kabar/BKT colabo

[Image: 57398E4C-1718-40BC-88F5-222C25BE3DF9-361...1CC967.jpg]
[Image: C4F1C77C-7244-4CD7-A67E-EE8BCBB39956-361...C517DC.jpg]
[Image: F5EE82E2-20D9-4E62-9752-591569B1F683-361...70763D.jpg]
[Image: 9E19BE89-4FE7-4CC8-A071-04665EFDBECB-361...8E3B3F.jpg]

Stock photo W/O the 550 wrap. As you can see, it uses the Esee Izula II handle. Scales will fit too, should you decide to go that route.
[Image: D50DE63A-7FE5-4865-9C7C-43008A790606-373...7A6F21.jpg]

The sheath is OK, it'll work for now. Probably gonna hit up Vigilance for some custom kydex for it though. Will most likely be worn horizontal on the belt. Its meant to be a neck knife. Not sure how I feel about that carry method though. Not due to safety concern, for accesability in a time of need concern. We shall see.

I was very close to getting the Rick Hinderer designed, Kershaw Cryo. Pretty damn nice but didnt need another folder at the moment.
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[Image: 2n9etcj.jpg]
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^^^Nice. Can't say I've ever seen a balisong beer bottle opener before.
jahwarrior72;80423 Wrote:[Image: 2n9etcj.jpg]

Can you flip'em though, is the questionBig Grin
and to the dust you shall return
HK 14101

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These just showed up...

[Image: ZT0350_Ker-cryo_zps1b8c91fd.jpg]
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[Image: f45mq.jpg]received 2/1956 and will never be sold. the edge of the blade is amazing, it's 5 times the thickness of my gerber folder but it's just as sharp.After I stone a knife I check the edge with a fingernail, If it slides "it's not done yet". I'll say it again, the edge is amazing.

[Image: 5lt4wm.jpg]
Not exactly my latest purchase, but i thought this would be appreciated..
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brownman;80590 Wrote:
jahwarrior72;80423 Wrote:[Image: 2n9etcj.jpg]

Can you flip'em though, is the questionBig Grin
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