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showmasters gunshow 2/2/13-2/3/13 monroeville convention center
any of you guys going? I never really see this show discussed on these sites.
Here you go - Gun Show MANIA!


When I drove around the corner towards Kmart, I looked down and counted roughly 8 people ACROSS along the entire front sidewalk. They were about 4 across on average along the side, and to the back. That side I saw firsthand as I tried to drive past the people that were spilled out onto the parking lot driving lane.

ETA: Someone on pafoa posted at 1pm that the line was still around the building!

[Image: GunShowLine2_2_13_zps6608df3c.jpg]

[Image: 20130202_092807_zpsd3f33c3c.jpg]

Video - (click - just a few seconds long)

[Image: th_20130202_092820_zpsfe772517.jpg]

I did not stay.
I drove across the street to Dunham's to see if they had anything new (the shelves were bare) and then headed to Wmart where the shelves were also bare of ammo, but I did get Cat litter, canned soup, and chicken breasts that were reduced for quick sale, so the day was not a total loss. Wink
i went. I arrived at 8:45 and the line for the main door went past the corner, around the side, and all the way to the hotel entrance. they had three doors open at first. the line took less than half an hour to work through. once inside, people were everywhere. it felt like san diego comic con. this was easily twice as packed as usual and the crowd was steady the whole day. vendors didn't start packin up at 3 like they usually do.

ammo was ridiculous save for 7.62x54r which was 80 per tin at most places. .223 and 7.62x39 steel case were a dollar per round and .50 per round respectively. .22lr seemed to be going for double the old prices and just a few people had it.

there were a lot of flashlight vendors this year and the guys building ars looked really busy.

as usual, the gun prices were a bit high.

aks were plentiful, but triple pre sandy hook prices. the same serb pap dunham's sold was asking for $1400 and a wasr 10 was going for 1200.

there was one nice 350 sks nearthe door and sold seconds before I doubled back.

magpul ar mags ranged from 25 to 50 at stands next to each other. (no joke)

drum mags were at every other table at just about what we've been seeing them for (ak 75 rd fpr 199).

ammo can proces are up with .50 cal cans fetching 15 to 17 each.

fudge, jerky, and cookies were available at the pre sandy hook price.

I've been looking to pick up my first mosin, but not a single 91/30 was to be found. it was all war capture m38 or m44 or whatever that had a 2 page typed back story. oh well.

I got the SO and her friend a comfort tuk amd flash bang holster.

fyi, if ypu signed up for nra renewal, you got to skip the line.
Thanks for the "review".

Maybe I'll go tomorrow anyway.
If it takes me longer than 30 minutes to get in though, I'mma gonna hunt u down!

Big Grin
Emptymag;74917 Wrote:Thanks for the "review".

Maybe I'll go tomorrow anyway.
If it takes me longer than 30 minutes to get in though, I'mma gonna hunt u down!

Big Grin

bring it! haha

I may go again tomorow just to browse. I went with two women today and got frustrated because they stopped to look at the dumbest shit.
I had to do some snow removal this am, so I couldn't get there until 2pm today.

No line to get in.

No more 50 cal ammo cans either. Angry

I picked up one of those big, 40mm ammo cans for $12 just so I didn't leave empty handed. Grabbed a few small odds and ends.

Not hard up enough to buy any of the mags, ammo, or rifles.

Glad I went, but not happy that the one item I went there to buy was sold out.

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