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side-by-side comparison of releasing the slide with the slide lock vs. racking the sl
Quote:Today, I want to share a quick clip from retired Navy SEAL, Larry Yatch’s “Concealed Carry Masters Course.”

In it, they show the only side-by-side comparison of releasing the slide with the slide lock vs. racking the slide that I’ve seen.

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There are a lot of people who argue that the rack is more reliable than the slide lock method, and that’s true with some finicky guns, but not with a gun that’s going to run reliably enough for concealed carry, home defense, duty, or competition.

Another big argument is that racking the slide is a gross motor skill, using the slide lock is a fine motor skill, and you won’t be able to do it under extreme stress. There’s also some truth to this, but it’s a false argument.

Here’s what I mean…releasing the slidelock with your thumb is no more of a fine motor skill than pressing the trigger with your finger.

And, as to whether you’ll lose the ability to release the slide with the slidelock under stress…or lose the ability to do ANY fine motor skill under stress…here’s a quick, general test.
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I was able to keep my finger off the trigger under stress. I'm confident that I could use the slide release under stress.

[Image: pafoasig.png]
I've always used the slide stop/release. Just easier for me and it's what i do in competition.

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Releasing the slide stop is how I've always trained. I've never had a problem doing it.

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