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Sites vs Laser
So I have aquired a Xdsc in 9mm some time ago. Never really got around to messing with it, just knew I wanted it as my carry piece.

It has trijicon nite sites and a red dot.

Unfortunately, some asshole ran over a stray cat on my street and broke its back just behind the shoulder blades. I can not stand to see an animal suffer, so me and some neighbors teamworked into dealing with this, with me being the triggerman.

Not wanting to bring out my AK's, AR's, hunting rifles, etc I opted for the XD. I have yet to fire this gun, but this was pretty close range.

I lined up at a crouch and fired. The damn thing must have been off 2 feet. I readjusted my position, this time taking careful aim, and again...dirt flies up more than a foot past the target.

At this point I render the sites useless (damn, should have sited in before this), but without the luxury of time I had to shoot basically point blank, though thankfully it did not make too much of a mess.

WTF? I bought this from a user at poofa. How could the sites be this off? I also had a laser I could have mounted to the XD, but again the luxury of time is not one I had.

Would the laser have been dead on in this case? How could the sites be this off? Mind you I'm shooting at a target cat head-sized from a standing/crouched position in a suburban setting.

I need to get this taken care of before it becomes my carry piece, but haven't really had this issue before.

Thoughts appreciated.
This is going to sound harsh, but, IMO, it is the truth:

You bought a gun, never fired it, never zeroed the sights or laser, and then in a time of emergency, you sprayed bullets all over hell and creation with that gun, after deliberately choosing a gun you have never once tested personally...and now you're blaming someone besides yourself?


Verify the operation of all equipment -before- you have to rely on it. Obviously your sights need adjustment (are they adjustable? We don't know- you didn't mention that Wink). And be thankful it wasn't a target more dangerous than a wounded domestic cat.
Just my 2 cents...

Every gun I purchase, the first thing I do is strip it, clean it, and put 100 rounds through it. Then I dry fire the hell out of it to get use to its trigger and sight picture. I won't start carrying it until I have 300 rounds through it without any issues. I also clean my gun every time I come home from the range whether it be 150 rounds or 15 rounds.
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
Like has been mentioned, everyone must test their equipment (gun, holster, flashlight, etc.) to make sure it will work properly for the person under likely conditions before it is put on the "functioning/useable" list... but that has already been said.

Now, to answer your questions, it is certainly possible that the sights were adjusted - or just out of alignment - before you bought the firearm. It is also possible that you missed because you weren't used to the firearm (grip, sights, trigger, break point, reset point, etc.).

Also, in my limited experiences with laser sights, they need to be sighted in just like any other sighting devise. Slapping one on the end of a gun does not mean that point of aim will equal point of impact. This is something that needs to be determined while sighting in the firearm on the range.

I agree that you were very fortunate that you were trying to kill a wounded animal and not someone trying to kill you. If this were me, I would take this as a learning lesson to put my gear through their paces before using them...
Not having fired the pistol, sounds to me like you were pushing/slapping the trigger. Then again, the sights are not usually set for close shooting, so even a laser wouldn't help. They are "normally" set for 25 yards from the factory.

Take the pistol out and shoot it a bunch.
Thanks, George

So many guns, so little time....
Maybe you're just not used to the gun since you never shot it before. I got pretty decent on my 9mm and so then I assumed I'd be even better with our new .22. I STUNK at it. Could barely put it on the target. I insisted the sights were totally off so my hub took it and placed it right down center. Wha...?????

Guess it just meant I was so used to what I usually shot that I totally needed to learn the feel of the new gun. Of course I'm not a pro, so the more "pro" you are the less you need that learning curve, but not sure how "pro" the OP is. But per the story..... *shrug* Sounds like you need to get the feel of that new weapon before its your carry piece that's for sure!

Hopefully you have a regular carry piece you can use until then.
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rmagill;47942 Wrote:If this were me, I would take this as a learning lesson to put my gear through their paces before using them...

This is the lesson here that hopefully everyone will learn from.

Never ever rely on emergency equipment that you have not tested, even if it is in a sealed factory box and is brand new.
Kudos and + rep to OP for accepting the critiques offered here and not lashing out at the advice he solicited.
Valorius;47804 Wrote:...and now you're blaming someone besides yourself?


Now listen here assholes!!
(sorry, just had to type that after the compliment above). Big Grin

This is not my carry piece, it was going to be my CC piece, but I had never gotten around to confirming it. All my other bases are covered, but would have been WAY overkill in this situation (per above).

My carry piece is a Beretta 92FS, which was locked up at the time. I chose the xd because it was loaded and accessible and not locked up.

I wasn't blaming anyone, I just thought that if the seller was using it, that it wouldn't be THAT far off...I only have a handful of handguns (pun intended), and both of them were close enough that an adjustment might only make it worse.

Someone above answered the laser question, which tells me I'm definitely going to have to adjust the trijicon sights/at the least before resorting on it...which kind of sucks since I think it needs the sight tool to do.
Many laser sights drift over time, and should be regularly re-verified. A good way to do this is just to aim at a target about 25 yards away, and adjust the laser so to that it hovers directly over the front sight blade when the iron sights are properly aligned.

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