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SKS: Trigger not resetting, but round is chambering.
I was shooting my Yugo SKS yesterday and I ran into an issue I never had before. I fired a round, and when I pull the trigger again nothing happens. So, I pulled the bolt and a live round ejected. I shouldered, pulled the trigger, and it fired. I pulled the trigger immediately after, and nothing. So basically, the bolt has enough power to cycle and pull a round from the mag, but not reset the trigger.

I did manage to run one 20 round mag straight through without incident... I have no idea what was different though honestly. The next mag was one on, one off just as before. So the issue isn't even consistent.

I have had a few gas leak issues. Recently I replaced the gas valve with an over-sized Murray's stainless steel valve. This stopped what I thought were all of my cycling issues (had stovepipes before replacement). I tore it down today to see if there were any signs of leak. There were some small spots on the new gas valve which told me right away that the gas block is still experiencing some small leaks. Once I got the piston out I noticed that it was black 3/4 of the way back. So now the gas valve AND the piston are showing signs of leaking.

The part that confuses me is that the rounds are chambering, but the trigger isn't resetting. I don't know if it's even possible that this could be a gas issue. Also, It was 24 degrees outside, and this crossed my mind as a possible issue too. Perhaps it's a trigger group issue? I'm lost.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Sounds to me something is wrong in the trigger group. Take it out and look it over.

Here are some pictures of mine and why I don't think it's a gas issue. The first image is where the bolt is when my trigger resets. The second image is with the bolt held open for comparison.

[Image: 2u7rksk.jpg]

[Image: dcuah2.jpg]

If it were a gas issue and it was short stroking there is absolutely no way for it to chamber a round without that trigger resetting unless there is something funky in the trigger group. Brass shavings, primers, cosmoline and dirt, whatever. Or someone modified the sear and butchered it.

What's it look like?
[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]
Yeah, after I posted that I went back to the garage and started hand cycling to see which order things happen. You're 100% correct that the round would never make it into the chamber if the bolt wasn't cycling properly.

I'm going to take the trigger group out today and tear it down. I never had an issue like this before, but that's not to say that the sear isn't the cause. I did watch the hammer to make sure that it wasn't experiencing and negative engagement too. It stays perfectly still until the trigger breaks. That was the reason I didn't follow up on the trigger group initially. Thanks for taking the time to take pics. I appreciate it.
Sear looks clean, polished it up a little anyway. I watched a few videos on trigger-jobs to see some close up shots. Nothing seems broken, bent, or damaged. No gunk anywhere either. Trigger group looks brand new in mine.
Ok, that's a start. Let's check a few things.

Just to clarify, you're absolutely sure it doesn't drop the hammer after cycling a new round into the chamber correct? I've had failures to fire due to heavy cosmo in the firing pin channel.

Next I'd check that the disconnector is working properly. That's the bar that sticks up at about a 45° angle towards the front in the trigger group. With the trigger group installed, bolt carrier, bolt and recoil spring removed it should be visible sticking out through a hole just in front of where the hammer is and behind the mag well. With the hammer cocked take a flathead screwdriver and gently press down from the top on the tip of that disconnector in such a way that you contact the edge of the hole with the screwdriver. Now that the disconnector is flush with the top of the hole put your thumb on the hammer so that it doesn't slam forward and pull the trigger. It should release. Without using a micrometer I would guess the play in the disconnector vertically should vary 1/16" above or below flush.

Let me know what you find.
[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]
One more thing, if the disconnector IS working properly make sure it's going into battery completely. The disconnector keeps the gun from firing out of battery and unless the bolt carrier is all the way forward the bolt will be tucked up in on the hook of the carrier instead of pushing down on that disconnector. Could polish those contact surfaces of the top back edge of the bolt and the bottom edge on the carrier where it rides over too if it's hanging up.

I can take more pictures if need be to help you if I'm confusing you here.
[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]
The disconnector SEEMS to be working but I'm going to try the method you mentioned with the screwdriver. I had the group out and it worked fine, but you may be right about the battery issue if the disconnector works while in the gun.

EDIT: The disconnector IS working while in the gun. Also, hand cycling the bolt works perfectly fine once everything is installed too.
pinhead1979;159563 Wrote:The disconnector SEEMS to be working but I'm going to try the method you mentioned with the screwdriver. I had the group out and it worked fine, but you may be right about the battery issue if the disconnector works while in the gun.

Yea it's tough to juggle the trigger group and get that bar set just right to test it. I can usually get it to work out of the gun but it's probably better to test it in your gun anyway.

Just don't give yourself "SKS Thumb". Big Grin
[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]
Not sure if you saw my edit above, but everything seems to be moving right. The bolt cycles smooth, resets the hammer, and upon pulling the trigger the bolt makes proper contact with the disconnector and allows the hammer to fall. I'm fuggin' confused...

No SKS thumb haha, I used a rag to prevent contact with the receiver. I've heard it hurts like all hell!
I'd say take it out and shoot it a bit until it fails again. I bet the bolt assembly is hanging up and it's not pushing down on the disconnector. Mine has a pretty sharp ridge it rides over to clear the hump on the underside of the bolt carrier. Look at the tooling and the finish and the angles on the hump. Here's what mine looks like.

(Ok I may have had a little fun)

[Image: 6fnj1l.jpg]

[Image: 29vdpfr.jpg]

[Image: ok74sp.jpg]

[Image: 2nkjswi.jpg]

Next time you shoot it and you look at the chamber and bolt assembly from the side I'd bet it looks like this...
[Image: 2vv999s.jpg]

Check the primer too on the round but first don't rack it and take the dust cover directly off and see if the hammer rode the bolt home. That's about all I can think of without actually holding it in my hands. Some pics or videos might help too.

Oh and sks thumb can't be as bad as garand thumb...Confused
[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]

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