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Smart Guns will Nullify the Second Amendment
Quote:Smart Guns will Nullify the Second Amendment

Posted February 19, 2014 in Shooting by Jon Stokes with 39 Comments

This recent WaPo story on so-called “smart guns” isn’t the worst I’ve read on the topic. The author gives some space to the objections that gun owners raise concerning reliability. In all, it’s a pretty solid look at the smart gun debate, even if it does err on the side of a bit too much enthusiasm for a technology that is absolutely doomed in the commercial market.
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Smart Guns will Nullify the Second Amendment for Those Sheep Stupid Enough to Own Smart Guns. (Revised title)
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^^^^ this^^^

People will resort to making their own if it gets to the point where only smart guns are available for sale.
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Smart guns are a solution in search of a problem. There is virtual no market for them and unless they become mandated by government meddling they will go the way of the harmonica magazine, hi-cap revolvers, superposed load rifles and the Rocket pistol.
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Smart guns would have to make dumb guns very unpopular in order to make banning dumb guns possible. I'm referring to Heller here.

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