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So what is it with you and guns?
What brought you into firearms?

For me, it's been a fascination since I could remember.

My grandfather was a 6'2" Army MP during WWII. He'd always buy me toy guns or army men/tanks, and my mom would always throw away the guns. And he'd keep buying them for me. He said it was important that I get comfortable around them. My dad would talk about a Smith and Wesson he had when he was younger, and before he met mom. He'd apply for a permit a bunch of times, but because we lived in Newark NJ in the '70s and '80s, he'd always get denied. I got my first BB pistol when I was 9 or so, still have it and it still works Smile

My cousins would shoot, and when I got older, about 19, I went shooting and had a blast. Shotgun for skeet, rifle, and a 10mm was the first real pistol I shot.

Bunch of years and places went past, and I decided to settle down. I got married and had a family. Moved out to PA, and the familiar yearning came back. I got to shoot my FIL M1 Garand, Remington 870' as well as my BIL AR. Helped them site in rifles for deer. Got their goat when I shot a golf ball at 100+ yards (they assumed because I was a city boy I didn't know how to shoot).

My daughter got into 4H and was shooting air rifle. She liked it so much, I went out and got her a Ruger MkIII and a 10/22. Then I went online to find techniques to tune them for her. After she was set up, I went ahead and got myself a Ruger P95.

That started a trend. Got my wife's Grandfathers 8mm Mauser, then a 22 savage. Saw with disgust the rise of the liberals with OhBahMuh's election and decided on getting a black rifle. Built it, loved it and started on a second one. Wife got me a shotgun for Christmas, and I got a few more arms. Then I got into reloading.

I love guns.

I love the look, the feel, the smell. I love the history, the science and the culture surrounding guns. I firmly believe that the only truly free person is an armed person, one who takes his or her responsibility of self preservation seriously. Those who don't have abrogated their safety to the whims or capabilities of others.

I understand their utility, as well as appreciate the freedom I enjoy as a United States citizen that is secured by my God given right to bear arms. I also understand that there are those who are more than willing to deny me my rights and have done so in the past, due mostly to race, but also because of social status or wealth. That is what progressives and liberals present to me. I am a student of history, and as such have seen what their ilk will do given the chance.

So anyway, that's what's with me and guns.
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When I was eight or ten my one uncle found an old colt clone/toy. It was very realistic. I actually slept with it under my pillow. One day I came home from school and it was gone. My father had gotten rid of it because I was to young for it. In reality he took it and sold it so he could hit the bars.

When I was suxteen I got a summer job. One pay I asked my mom to take the money and get me a Marlin .22. She did. The next one was a KMC , Kmart brand .22 semi. I took that back because the finish on the stock just scratched to hell when walking through the woods to shoot it.

A few years later someone offered me a Ruger 10-22 with folding stock and a one hundred round mag. Then came the h&r 12 gauge Then a raven .25 and a Dan Wesson .357. A few years later it was winter and I was out of work. Needed money for heat. I sold them all.

After a few years and a few kids finances improved. The first one then became a Helman 9mm pistol made in Europe. The a Glock 17 then a Taurus .45. I was not even sure my hand would take the .45 I hurt it badly a few years before.

The rest is history. Needless to say I have replaced the original collection many times over with no end in sight.
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I grew up with guns. I could hunt right out my back door when I was young. My dad was a judge so we had plenty of death threats and strange people around the house sometimes so I also grew up with pistols. I was around 7yrs old when my dad taught me how to shoot a .22 and a shotgun. Then when I was about 12 or 13 he started to let me shoot and carry a handgun around the house at night when he wasnt home, which was a lot. when I was around 15yrs old he had a friend of his who was a police chief show me hand gun safety and let me target shoot at the police stations outdoor range. So guns have always been part of my life.
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My dad handed me a .22 really young. The rest is history, and there was no small animals left alive in the woods around our house. Big Grin

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My adventurous life style , WEEHAAH ! I love the smell of gun powder .
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I grew up around guns. I grew up with either farms or forest as a backyard. Dad was mostly into shotguns, hunting and clay birds. When I was in elementary school I'd load a box or two of shells at night then the next day after school shoot clays out back.
When I was 21 I bought my first handgun. Colt Delta Elite 10 mm. Then a Ruger 357. Bought my dad a Ruger Blackhawk. ARs, surplus rifles, many handguns. Got married and life just kind of took over. No ones fault it just got busy and hard and all the rest. Times got tough and by the end of the marriage all the guns had been sold to get through this or that tough spot. First thing I did after the divorce and recovering from back surgery was buy a 1911. I've been trying to build the collection back up. Buying what I like when I can or working out trades.
I grew up in a gun friendly home in northern California (what an oxymoron). I shot a friend's BB gun some time around the age of 8. My Dad was not happy that he wasn't the first to show me the ropes. That summer while visiting his family in Utah he let me shoot a 22. It was safe to say that I was hooked. Though I always wanted more, my shooting was limited to once a year for quite some time. My first firearm was a single shot 410, gifted to "me" before I was born. I still have it, the Ruger 77/22 my Dad bought me at age 10, and the 870 my Grandpa gave me in my teens.

Another friend had air rifles and property large enough to shoot. We spent many days honing our skills under the hot sun. With that same friend I spent a great deal of time hunting squirrel with our 22s. It was also with that friend that I learned what a .177 flat point ricochet off a tree branch to the sternum feels like.

My Dad had a small collection of handguns that he never shot. Naturally that's what I always wanted to shoot most. When I was 21 I bought a stainless Sig 226 chambered in 40S&W. Like the others, it also migrated here to PA with me. Since coming to the free land my collection has multiplied exponentially. That same friend from my childhood that I always envied for being able to shoot in bis back yard grew up to be a police officer out there. Ironically, he now envies me due to the restrictive CA laws and the amount of trigger time I get.
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I honestly have no idea, I've just always been fascinated with firearms. I like the intricate moving parts that reflect the genius of the designer. I like the tool marks that give you a sneak peak into how it was made. I love the sounds they make when you work the action, and the smell of gunpowder when you shoot them. I like that I can reach out and touch something several hundred yards away. I love how they represent freedom, and the principles that this country was founded on.

Oh yeah and my dad was always a gun guy. But I'm pretty sure I would have still gotten into guns if he wasn't.
I grew up on the edge of Philly. Didn't know about guns other than what you saw in the movies or the news. Never brought up good bad or otherwise at home. In my early 20's I got into security work, learned a little then, but just for the job. Once the job was gone a few years later so were the guns.

Fast forward to early 2007. I work in the city and an almost incident caused me to look into getting a gun and what I needed to do to carry. I found a place in cyberland that was well informed and helped me on my way to being the gun nut I am today. I am not a hunter, never hunted. But have, and have a love for shooting, all types of guns, although the past couple years I've mainly focused on trap type shooting. Something about hitting a moving target is more fun than poking holes in paper or bouncing off of steel.
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Dad served in Korea during the war as a light machine gunner, and while he'd had enough when he came home, his family (North Carolina Cherokee/Scots) hunted and fished and whittled and skinned and trapped. So...he taught me. We started with a .22 in the back yard in Merritt Island, Florida, shooting snakes and snapping turtles. (Don't tell that Zombie kid.) We'd sit for hours on webbed lawn chairs, talking and shooting..."only head shots, son, only head shots". After the family split, my mother, sibling and I moved to Pennsy, where her family was from. Not allowed to own a fiream at 13, I had her help me buy a CO2 pellet gun with scope, which I used to shoot squirrels to add to the freezer. Skinned 'em, got to keep half the money. At sixteen, I bought a H & R single shot 12 gg. Loved it! Shot rabbit and pheasant and other small game. Trapped muskrats and sold the hides to the old West Chester Hide Company on Boot Road. Then the Air Force, good on the range, did some things for my country. Wife didn't like "guns", and after the divorce (Whee!) re-started my collection. Just bought a Rock compact 1911 in .45, was at the range with the GF today. Now she wants one...
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