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Something smells fishy...
NYT Editorial: Politics By Intimidation

Somehow this smells fishy.

Particularly the bit about the politicos who say they've been "threatened" and "intimidated."

If you send a politician a genuinely threatening email, or snail mail, you expect a knock on the door from the cops. So why not in these cases? Why haven't we seen "gun-owner arrested, charged, with threatening politician" in the headlines?

Could it be that they're over-stating their cases to fit the agenda?

Like the State Senator in Oregon. She said she felt intimidated by being told by an attendee at her Town Hall meeting was carrying. Isn't that part of the discussion? And she cancelled a subsequent meeting, lying that she had a time conflict. Then she got caught hanging around at home during the time. And of course, the opponents who filmed what she was doing during the appointed time get painted as stalkers. Maybe it was just advantageous to paint gun-owners who vociferously object to having their rights eclipsed as dangerous "gun nuts," who are ruining the town hall meetings for everyone, which of course just proves they need to be controlled via tightening up gun laws.
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There's been quite a few times I've read where anti-gun people have claimed to have received threats, but you never hear about anyone getting arrested for making those threats. In today's world of technology, I find it hard to believe that you cannot get the evidence to arrest people.
They are all victims in their own minds . . .
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halftrack;87875 Wrote:They are all victims of their own minds . . .

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This tactic could only work with a complicit media. Oh wait... They have that!
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Sounds like all the emails and phone calls are getting to them.

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