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Sometimes Mobil, sometimes full?
Its got a mind of its own. I am NEVER on the computer anymore. If I'm surfing, I'm on my phone. When I bookmarked PA2A, I saved it as the fullsite. Still sometimes the mobil version opens. I hate mobil versions of everything. All it does is condense stuff and give you less info. Lame if ya ask me. Does anybody really like the mobil versions of anything ?? So whenever the mobil version opens, I have to go down to the bottom of the page and reload the fullsite. Since I'm on my phone 100% of the time, I would think it would load Mobil every time? It doesnt which is good but, I wish it never would.

Just an annoyance.
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On my android I turned mobile sites off. I can't stand them.
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you can disable it in your user cp by unchecking this:

user cp>edit options>Use a mobile version if I visit from a mobile device?(clear cookies)

make sure you clear the cookies as well.
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I'm so accustomed to V Bulletin forums that the mobile version of this site is easier to deal with than the full version when viewed on my laptop.

At least until I'm more familiar with it.

Good to know that you can choose which way you want to view it though.
Ok, wow, I was hot for a second. Did what Andrew said. At first ALL I was getting was the mobile version. Tried clicking full, nope, back to mobile. Thought I was f'd. Went back into edit options and right under the box to check/uncheck for mobile/no mobile, there is a box that says board style, somehow it got switched to MyBBgomobile, put it back to default, back in action.
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You could change your browser device settings to PC so you NEVER get mobile sites.
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I switch to the full version if I want to click on someone's screen name. For some reason when you do this in mobile version, nothing happens. Anyway, after I do what I have to do, I switch back to mobile. At this point, I actually prefer the condensed info that you get in mobile.
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Some people like mobile view, some like PC view.

I knew could change it on my phone, but I didn't realize there was a forum setting so I don't have to change any other mobile devices I connect from. Looks like the admins have got something for everyone. That's appreciated.
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