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Sports Illustrated
With my new hip, I'm tied to iPad for the forum for a while as my computer is on 3rd floor. I searched on Tapatalk and didn't find this but please excuse me if someone already posted.

I got the latest Sports Illustrated in the mail yesterday. I tend to look at the back page first as there are usually good articles. This time the article was about (you guessed it) how it's time to do something about guns. It was as anti as any article I've read and this coming from a sports magazine that does occasionally cover major shooting sports.

I can't find a link to the page yet but will keep looking. I'm writing them and canceling my subscription. This is the kind of opportunity where I think the NRA should get involved and let the membership know what SI is saying. They might then see a whole lot of cancellations. And, their weekly Letter to Editor should be swamped by readers. The last thing we want are antis writing the editor and praising them while we do nothing.

SI is part of Time Warner as is CNN. Both media are going down the tubes in quality in the last few years.
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I don't get SI but I'll write them a letter and pretend I do if you forward me the info.
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Post a link for us to forward emails to.
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Yes enemies.
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